The Best Cat Adult Coloring Books


Has anyone ever asked you why you have two cats, and love showing pictures of cats to all your friends? If you have been in this position before then you are probably what is referred to as a “cat person”. Someone who loves cats and is more than willing to take up valuable space in their home with jungle jims for their cats to play on. If you are a cat person then you really, truly, love cats, and these cat adult coloring books will be the perfect addition to your coloring book collection.

Adult Coloring Book: Cats


This cat coloring book printed by Two Hoots Coloring features 30 high quality cat designs printed on single sided pages. The single sided printing means that you can use your choice of medium, from pencils to markers, without having to worry about bleed through ruining a design on the back of the page. If using markers however we do recommend placing a spare piece of paper behind the design you are coloring to protect the designs on the other page from possible severe bleed through.

The 30 images in this coloring book display a large selection of cats, from different breeds to full grown adult cats and kittens. The subjects themselves are filled patterns that are a lot of fun to color and are a good level of complexity without being too difficult. Our one issue with this cat coloring book however is that the pages have a lot of blank space around the cat subjects which we wish would have been filled out with other supportive designs to color.

Grumpy Cat Hates Coloring


This adult coloring book printed by Creative Heaven pays homage to the wonder of the internet: Grumpy Cat. The book features 31 full page designs inspired by the grumpiest of felines. Designs are printed single sided on perforated pages which allows you to use a range of coloring mediums without having to worry about bleed through. Furthermore the perforated pages mean that you can remove your designs before coloring to ensure that no other designs get damaged from severe bleed through or in order to more easily display your creations.

Every design in this adult coloring book displays Grumpy Cat in some sort of position or in a different setting. While the subject remains the same the patterns that are used to fill in Grumpy Cat and the remainder of the page are different from page to page and are a lot of fun to color. The only downside to this coloring book is that the paper used for this book is on the thin side which allows for severe bleed through, this however can be easily remedied due to the single sided printing and perforated pages.

Creative Cats Coloring Book


This cat adult coloring book is printed once again by Creative Heaven and features 30 full pages designs showcasing cats in a plethora of creative settings and filled with different patterns. The designs are printed single sided on perforated paper that is of medium weight. The single sided printing and perforated pages mean that you can use any color medium you want from pencils to markers. If you decide to use markers however we recommend that you either remove the page prior to coloring or place a spare piece of paper behind the design you are coloring since severe bleed through can occur and ruin the next design.

We really love the designs in this coloring book because they are very creative and fun. The cats are definitely not depicted realistically but instead in a much more creative way. You will find cats in settings ranging from world famous sites to designs of cats taking the place of playing cards. All the designs are filled in with fun patterns that take up the entirety of the page.

Happy coloring cat lovers!

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