Best Coloring Books For Adults And Kids


Coloring books for adults have been all the rage lately, and we absolutely love how passionate people are about them. However, coloring books have historically been a past time for kids - hey maybe that’s why they never seem stressed! This makes coloring books a unique subject, one that is enjoyed equally by both adults and kids. We have been hearing recently that some people love to color with their kids or grandkids and they find that it is a fun way to bond, and keep kids from blowing the roof off your house. We decided to help you out and find the coloring books that we think are the best for both you and kids.

Island Dreams by Okami Coloring Books


All 40 designs in this coloring book are printed single sided on semi-thin paper. The coloring designs are all full page illustrations with some of them being landscape, meaning that the binding will end up at the top of the design. Since the designs are printed single sided you can use any color medium you would like, from pencils to markers, without having to worry about the colors bleeding through and ruining a design on the back of the page. We do however recommend using a spare piece of paper behind the design you are coloring in order to soak up any severe bleeding that may occur.

This coloring book is relatively new to the market but is already one of the best selling coloring books on Amazon, and with good reason: the designs in this coloring book are wonderful. All designs portray different island scenes, from small cute islands with just a palm on them, to life in the waters around the island. It’s all in here! We think that this coloring book is a great option for you and the kids because while adults will enjoy the design theme and semi-intricate patterns, kids will love coloring the cute fish characters.

Secret Garden by Johanna Basford


This is one of the best selling coloring books in the world and it could be argued that it started the coloring book craze. Between the covers you will find 96 pages of back to back designs. The paper used in this book is on the thicker side and won’t let most pens bleed through but some markers produced by Prismacolor, Sharpie, and other’s will bleed through and ruin the design on the back. We suggest testing the marker in question on a non-important area first to see if it bleeds or to just stick with colored pencils.

Secret Garden is one of the all time great adult coloring books and we think that your kids or grandkids will find it just as enjoyable as you do. It has all the intricacy that a good adult coloring books needs while supporting a playful “fairy tale” like subject. Your little ones will love coloring in all the animals and you will love coloring in the amazing intricate designs.

Into The Jungle, Under The Sea, & Up In The Air Coloring Book Set

This is our newest coloring book set but it has already become a customer favorite. The set comes with 3 coloring books, each of which has its own theme. Every coloring book has 40 designs for a grand total of 120 coloring designs for the entire set. The designs are printed on some of the thickest paper in the industry meaning that you don’t have to worry about bleed through unless using heavier markers like Sharpies and some Prismacolors.

Kids absolutely love coloring animals and in this coloring book set you will find plenty of animals to color. Each coloring book has it’s own animal theme: jungle animals, fish, and birds. Each design features an animal that is then filled in with a fun patterns. Young artists will enjoy coloring in the animal subjects and you will love coloring the intricate patterns in and around the animals.

Happy Coloring!

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