Inspirational Adult Coloring Books


Whether you are having a bad day, week, or month we all need a little pick me up from time to time. For different people that can take a lot of different shapes but for fans of coloring books there is a particular subcategory that may be just what you need. These coloring books are designed specifically to give you that super nice and positive kick in the butt to shock the bad times out of your system and get you on the road towards awesome vibes. Here are our picks for the coloring books that are both the best at getting you out of your rut and are the best quality.

Inspired To Grace Verses For Women


This coloring book is awesome for Christian women who love to color, and best of all even if you are not necessarily Christian you will still love the great designs and messages in this book. Each coloring design is printed single sided and features a short passage from the Bible that is directed to be positive and calming. The paper used is of good quality and best of all the back of every page is black to help prevent bleed through.

Although we think that this a nice coloring book it does have a few problems. A majority of the designs/verses are repeated except they are switched. So, if originally they were white on black you will find them again except black on white. We were also not too psyched about the reflections section. While we like the idea of a reflections section in our opinion there are simply too many pages dedicated to this. We were expecting many more coloring designs than the 30 provided due to the thickness of the book but were disappointed to find a good of the width of the book was dedicated to “reflections” and blank.

Inspirational Quotes Coloring Book by Jade Summer


This Amazon Best Selling coloring book by Jade Summer is a great way to find some positivity every day. Every page is black backed to reduce the risk of bleed through and features a fun and reaffirming quote like “I Believe In Myself”, “I Will Achieve Great Things”, “Happiness Is A Choice”, and “Make Each Day Count”. In every book you will find an extra copy of each design which is great since it gives you the ability to color your favorites a second time but we would have rather seen more original designs.

A nice addition to this coloring book however is that with every purchase you receive access to a downloadable PDF that has 25 extra coloring designs pulled from some of Jade Summer’s other best selling coloring books. The paper used is of good quality and can handle most gel pens but we still suggest using a spare piece of paper to soak up any ink that may bleed through, especially if coloring with markers.

Today Is Going To Be A Great Day by Christian Art Publishers


We really like this coloring book by Christian Art Publishers because not only is it full of fun and positive quotes that are sure to make you feel better, but these quotes are selected extremely well because even though they do come from scripture they are not overly religious so you will find them enjoyable even if you are not a regular church goer. Furthermore the quotes are scattered across the 128 pages of this book and intermixed with other fun and calming coloring designs like mandalas, flowers and butterflies, and others common in regular coloring books.

All designs are printed on one side of the page which helps reduce the chances of bleed through ruining any of the designs. One of our other favorite parts about this coloring book is that the last few pages actually feature coloring designs that are meant to be greeting cards, gift tags, and bookmarks which we think is very original and lots of fun. 

Happy Coloring everyone!!

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