Color Your Own Tattoos Adult Coloring Book


Tattoos are more popular today than ever before and with the increased level of artistry in the average tattoo it’s easy to understand why someone would want to be a tattoo artist. With the increased popularity of tattoos we have also seen the release of several adult coloring books that give you the opportunity to live out your tattoo artist dreams and color your own tattoo coloring pages. 

Just Add Color: Tattoos by Carlton Publishing Group


With over 120 tattoo designs to choose from this coloring book is an awesome purchase. Between the covers you will find a plethora of tattoo design options including tribal, nature, magical creatures, and more. The designs use heavy black lines which add to the tattoo look and feel but may make it more difficult to color. 

The designs are printed on the front and back of each page and the paper is of decent quality. Despite the good quality of the paper ink from most gel pens and markers will bleed through ruining the design on the back. Due to this we recommend using only colored pencils. A great feature of this coloring book is that the pages are perforated allowing you to easily remove your chosen design for easier coloring. 

Tattoo Coloring Book For Adults by Adult Coloring World


Inside this coloring book you will find 40 designs printed on single sided pages. This allows you to use any coloring tool from pencils to markers since there is no design on the back that can be ruined by bleed through. We do still recommend using a spare piece of paper behind the design you are coloring to soak up heavier ink bleed through that may occur when using markers, especially brands like Sharpie. 

The design in this coloring book range from skulls to mandalas, creepy crawlers, and snakes. We really enjoyed the designs in this book but as expected with tattoo designs there is quite a bit of thick black lines on some of the designs. While this will happen with most tattoo mimicking designs it is something to consider before purchasing.

Tattoo Coloring Book by Chartwell Coloring Books


Of the three coloring books we reviewed for this article this one used the thinnest lines which many people will find appealing. With over 120 pages of designs there are plenty of designs to keep you busy for a while. The design range from very easy and simple to some that are quite intricate and will keep you engaged for a while. The designs are based on common Americana tattoo designs like skulls, daggers, hearts and others.

We recommend using colored pencils for this coloring book in order to reduce the chances of bleed through ruining any of the other designs in the book. Some of the designs in this coloring book are also pretty large which means that if you want you can take your creativity to the next level by adding in your own designs and patterns to the tattoos.

Happy Coloring!

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