Adult Coloring Clubs And Why You Should Join One


If you are you reading this blog post it probably means that you either love coloring or are just starting to enjoy it, either way we all understand the appeal of coloring. The problem with coloring however is that it can sometimes be a lonely endeavor.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely understand the appeal of coloring alone. Sometimes there is nothing better than locking yourself in a room and coloring in complete peace and quiet. I don’t know of many methods to relax that are better than that. But for those of us that don’t just color because it’s a great way to relax but because it’s our hobby and passion then doing it alone every single time just doesn’t cut it. This is where adult coloring clubs come in.

What Is An Adult Coloring Club

An adult coloring club is simply a place where adults that are all interested in coloring get together to either color or share their colorings. These clubs can be held in person or online. The benefit of in person adult coloring clubs is that they make it easy to make friends while coloring. To find a local coloring club do a quick Google search for “adult coloring club in insert your city here”.

Online Coloring Clubs vs In Person Coloring Clubs 

The problem with in person coloring clubs is that while adult coloring keeps gaining mainstream popularity it’s still not that popular, which means that if you live in a smaller town there may not be a coloring club near you. Online coloring clubs in that case are an awesome option. You can find a plethora of coloring clubs, including our own, on Facebook. There you can meet other people like yourself that are passionate about coloring, exchange tips, and share your work.

Free Coloring Giveaways

Beside meeting and making friends with other colorists, another awesome reason to join an adult coloring club is for the free coloring design giveaways. Many times the companies or people that run the coloring groups will give you access to free coloring designs.

This is a great reason why you should belong to multiple coloring clubs. That way even if one of the groups isn’t giving away designs this week, another one of your clubs may be. This is a fantastic way to make sure you always have a new design to color.

Adult Coloring Competitions

What’s the point of going to basketball, soccer, or any other sport practice if there isn’t a game to prepare for? Well adult coloring has its own version of games and these are adult coloring competitions. Adult coloring clubs are a great place to find competitions in which you and the rest of the competitors are provided with the same coloring designs and go up against each other to see who did a better job.

The winners are voted on by a set of judges or the company that provided the designs. Along with the pleasure of winning, the winners many times receive rewards like coloring books, pencils, markers, or a whole plethora of other coloring tools.

If adult coloring clubs sound like something you would like to try out we invite you to join our free Creatively Calm Coloring Club where you can meet hundreds of other colorists like yourself and share your art, take part in a coloring competition, and capitalize on our exclusive giveaways. 

Happy Coloring!


Barbara on December 30 2017 at 01:45PM

Just received some creatively​ calm coloring books as a gift for Christmas. I absolutely LOVE THEM!

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