Don't Stop At Texting: Emoji Adult Coloring Books


Emojis have seeped into every part of our lives, first texting, and now you can even find your favorite emojis in coloring form. The adult coloring books below are in our opinion some of the best examples of emojis in coloring books so if you have ever texted a friend and wished that you could not only send them a poop emoji but also color it, then you will love these coloring books ;) .

Emoji Coloring Book Of Funny Stuff by Nyx Spectrum


This coloring book created by Nyx Spectrum publishing features 30 designs focusing on different emojis that are either arranged in a pattern, or form a funny phrase. The designs are not very complex so don’t expect any intricate coloring, but they can provide a few hours of light hearted entertainment while coloring.

The designs are printed single sided which reduces the risk of having a marker bleed through and ruin the design in the next page. The paper that has been used in this coloring book is on the thin side which means that even with the single sided printing some markers could bleed through severely and ruin the design on the following page. Because of this we advise that you use a spare piece of paper between pages in order to soak up any severe bleed through that may occur.

Emoji: 50 Fun Images To Color by Jade Summer


This adult coloring book by Jade Summer takes the emoji theme to the next level by showing emojis in different settings. Some of the designs showcase emojis running a candy store, emojis on a vacation, under the sea, and even emojis having a birthday party.

The 50 designs in this adult coloring book are printed single sided on thin white paper. The single sided printing means that you can use any coloring medium including markers but we still recommend that you use a piece of paper between pages to soak up any severe bleed through that may occur due to the thin paper. A big bonus of this coloring book is that with every purchase you will also receive a digital version of all the designs which means that you can color your favorite designs as many times as you want.

Emoji Crazy Coloring Book by Newbourne Media


This emoji adult coloring book published by Newbourne Media has 48 detachable designs featuring emojis arranged in all sorts of patterns. The designs are printed single sided so you can use any medium you want and the attached plastic inlay card is very handy and can be easily inserted in between designs in order to stop severe bleed through or any pressure indents from occurring.

The detachable pages allow you to easily remove your favorite designs in order to hang them up, give as a gift, or share with a fellow colorist. One of our favorite details however is the top bound printing which allows the binding to be out of your way whether you are right or left handed.

Happy coloring everyone!

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