The Magic Of Coloring Faces


Faces are some of the most difficult things to color because of the complex shading required to create a realistic look. The thing is however, that once you get some practice and begin to excel at it, coloring faces can be some of the most rewarding coloring you have ever done. The more effort you put into it the more human your subjects will become, and the more connection you will feel with them. It truly is a magical experience. Here are some of our favorite faces coloring books:

Color Me Beautiful Women Of The World by Jason Hamilton


Women have long captured the imagination of artists, from prehistoric cave drawings to the portraiture and sculpture of The Renaissance and modern day, there just seems to be something about the female face that exudes beauty and power. This coloring book features 30 designs, each of which focuses on a woman wearing the traditional garb of her country. Some of the countries represented include Russia, France, Spain, Japan, South Africa, USA, and Mexico.

This coloring book has a wonderful selection of faces to color. There is not much detail on the faces, but you can find plenty of detail to color on the traditional garb worn by the women. The designs are printed single sided so you can use markers, however I do recommend using a spare piece of paper behind the designs to soak up any severe bleed through that may occur due to the thin paper the designs are printed on.

Magical Dawn Coloring Book by Hanna Karlzon


This coloring book by award winning artist Hanna Karlzon is a hard cover reprint of her best selling coloring book printed in Sweden under the name “Magisk Gryning”. Although this coloring book does not focus just on faces and has a plethora of other subjects represented amongst the 90 designs, the faces that you do get to color are of amazing quality and have a lot of fun detail.

The designs are printed double sided on high quality paper that handles most markers and gel pens well, although we do recommend that you stick to colored pencils in order to avoid any chances of having bleed through ruin the design on the back of the page.

The 64 Faces of Awakening by Rosy Aronson Ph.D.


This adult coloring book by art therapy professional Rosy Aronson features 64 of the most detailed face designs I have ever seen in a coloring book. Each face is covered with a plethora of symbols and shapes that are designed to help you relax and find inner piece. Each face in this coloring book is extremely unique yet shares some commonality with the rest of the faces in the coloring book, a lesson that lends itself well to the entirety of the human race.

The designs in this coloring book are extremely detailed and have many small thick black lines which can make it difficult for coloring. Since the designs are printed one sided I recommend using a high quality marker when coloring in order to have the color stand out against the thick black lines but, I do recommend that you use a spare piece of paper behind each design to soak up any color that may bleed through.

Happy coloring!

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