Amazing Sci-Fi Adult Coloring Books


The sci-fi genre has captured my imagination since I was a young kid so I was ecstatic when I discovered that among the thousands of adult coloring books on Amazon there was a small, yet good, selection of sci-fi adult coloring books. Some scrupulous research later and here are my top 3 sci-fi adult coloring book finds that will make a perfect gift for the sci-fi fan in your life.

Star Trek The Next Generation Adult Coloring Book


Alright Star Trek fans this one is for you! This coloring book has an amazing selection of coloring designs inspired directly from the TV show. Between the covers you will find 45 designs printed single sided displaying some of the most famous scenes from the TV series. All your favorite characters from the U.S.S. Enterprise are here and ready to bring you back to some of the best sci-fi ever shown on TV.

The designs are printed on semi thin paper which means that you may experience some bleed through especially if using markers, but the single sided printing reduces the chance of bleed through ruining any of the other designs, especially if a spare piece of paper is used between designs. The biggest problem with this coloring book however is that the designs, while being true to the show, are not very detailed. I did however enjoy the star dates and quotes printed on the back of the coloring designs!

Alien The Coloring Book by Titan Books


I was having a lot of difficulty deciding which coloring book I liked better, the Star Trek one or this Alien one by Titan Books. However, I have to say that I enjoyed this one more although you should be warned that I am biased since I like Alien more than Star Trek. That being said this coloring book has 80 pages of back to back designs that are inspired by scenes from the 1979 original movie to ‘97s Alien Resurrection.

The back to back printing of this coloring book is not my favorite part and the medium quality paper does not do much to stop markers from bleeding through. However if you are careful and color lightly and avoid markers like Sharpies and Copics then you should experience only mild bleed through. The best part about this coloring book however are the designs. Unlike the designs in the Star Trek coloring book these are much more detailed and a lot more fun to color. I would also not recommend this book for kids since in true Alien style the designs feature quite a bit of gore so make sure to sharpen your red pencils.

Doodles in Outer Space by Okami Books


Although this coloring book may not have designs inspired by some of my favorite sci-fi movies or TV shows, they are truly a joy to color. Between the pages you will find 40 high quality designs printed single sided on thin white paper. Although the paper quality is quite low the single sided printing helps reduce the chance of bleed through ruining one of the other designs. I do recommend using a spare piece of paper behind the design you are coloring since some marker brands can cause severe bleed through.

The designs in this coloring book display a very fun selection of doodle characters in outer space or on space ships. The designs are very detailed and an absolute joy to color. There are a few designs that are not extremely detailed and will lend themselves well to less experienced colorists, but a large majority of the designs are quite difficult, but also a lot of fun. If you are a sci-fi fan and an avid colorer then this coloring book will have you smiling from ear to ear for hours.

Live long and prosper and as always, happy coloring!

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