Welcome Spring With These Coloring Books

March has been a tough month weather wise. Some parts of the country were hit with close to record breaking amounts of snow followed by out of the norm heat waves followed once again by more snow. With every passing day however Mother Nature seems to be figuring it out and we are beginning to settle down into a sunny and mild spring.

It’s time to open the windows on your daily commute, throw on some sunglasses, and enjoy your favorite jams and a refreshing iced coffee beverage. The smell of spring is in the air and we are fully in the spring mood. To help you celebrate the arrival of one of the best times of the year here are the coloring books that will keep you in the spring mood even while coloring.

Spring Garden by De-ann Black


This coloring book has 30 original designs printed single sided on quality weight paper. The designs range from easy with some large shapes to more detailed and intricate enough to satisfy even the most experienced of colorists. The designs feature all manner of flowers, plants, and other garden regulars.

With 30 designs this coloring book is not a bad value and the single sided printing of the designs helps to minimize bleed through. Although the paper quality is on the better side we highly recommend using a spare piece of paper between pages to catch any bleed through that may occur especially when using markers.

Spring Scenes by Creative Haven


This coloring book does its name proud with over 30 designs depicting a plethora of spring inspired scenes and activities. From flower and vegetable gardens to playing in the park and leisurely strolls down the village streets this book has it all. Designs are printed single sided on medium weight paper and can handle most gel pens.

The paper quality in this book is good however you will get some bleed through if you decide to use markers, especially heavier ones like Sharpies. We suggest using a spare piece of paper to soak up any bleed through. Although a large majority of the designs are not too intricate some of them can feature some highly intricate areas. We recommend being ready with either fine tipped markers or well sharpened pencils.

Secret Garden by Johanna Basford


This is the book that started it all. Johanna Basford’s iconic adult coloring book Secret Garden started the modern adult coloring book trend and even though this March marks the books 4th birthday it hasn’t lost its edge. Secret Garden includes 96 pages of designs printed on both sides of the page so there are tons of designs to color in providing you with hours of entertainment and relaxation.

The paper in this coloring book is of good quality but since designs are printed on the front and back of each page we do not recommend using markers since some bleed through may occur ruining the designs on the back. The coloring book has a good variety of detailed and not so detailed designs with some pages even having very little detail allowing you to come up with your own patterns to fill the rest of the page.

Happy spring everyone and don’t forget to enjoy this rare time of the year when the weather is just right :)

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