Top Doctor Who Adult Coloring Books


Since airing in 1963, Doctor Who has captured the imagination and fascination of multiple generations forever changing the landscape of pop-culture. The TV series won over its viewers with its sometimes quirky persona, a very special blue telephone booth, and one of my personal favorite things about the show - a leading character who is portrayed by different actors every couple of years. This is normally an inconvenience in TV and film but it is actually written into the premise of the show as The Doctor regenerates, giving the show an interesting twist unique in TV.

In our continuous effort to make coloring more appealing to more people and to continue to introduce you to new things to color so that you can continue to cash in from the amazing benefits of coloring we have broken down the two most popular Doctor Who coloring books.

Doctor Who Travels In Time by Price Stern Sloan


Printed one sided on heavy-weight cream paper this coloring book contains 45 well thought out designs for you to enjoy and relive your favorite Doctor Who moments. The pages in this coloring book are not perforated, and sewn rather than glued. If you would like to display your creations we suggest scanning your favorite designs and printing them onto card stock and coloring that.

The designs themselves are a good mix of intricate with some having more detail than others. This gives you the choice whether you want to color in something very difficult or a bit easier and less overwhelming. Overall we really enjoyed the designs in this book!

Even though the paper in this book is high quality we did find that some alcohol based markers, and brands like Sharpie for example, did bleed through slightly. Although this isn’t really an issue since the pages are one sided we do suggest using a spare piece of paper between pages to soak up any ink that may bleed through and damage another design.

The designs in this coloring book follow multiple iterations of the Doctor spanning episodes from 1964 to 2015 and portray some of their most popular adventures. As the name of the book suggests you will have the opportunity to accompany The Doctor on his time travels and color famous people like Churchill, Shakespeare, Van Gogh, and many more. You will also get to relive some of his most memorable run ins with Egyptians, Vikings, and maybe even a dinosaur or two.

The Doctor Who Coloring Book (British) by James Newman Gray


This is the original and best selling Doctor Who coloring book created by the same team or artists responsible for the previous coloring book on this list. This coloring book shares many of the same stats as the Time travel one: 45 designs, printed on single sided high quality paper, non-perforated, and sewn rather than glued.

With this coloring book we once again saw some bleed through when using alcohol based markers and suggest using colored pencils or a spare piece of paper behind the design you are coloring to soak up any bleed through.

Unlike the Time Travel version of this coloring book (this is the original Doctor Who coloring book) focuses on the Doctor Who franchise in general. Inside you will find at least one design for every Doctor so you can be sure that you will have the chance to color your favorite. Many designs include the doctor along side one of his enemies, friends, or surrounded by an interesting background made up of familiar objects from the Doctor Who universe.

The interesting thing about this coloring book is that there are actually two version of it, a British and US version. We personally prefer this version, the British one, to the US mainly because of the paper and printing quality. The US version uses a truer white paper but the lines in our opinion are not printed as well as the ones in the British version. We also happen to enjoy the more “cream” color of the British version. That being said the US version is also a high quality coloring book and if we didn’t have the two version next to one another the differences would be difficult to spot. The US version does have the added benefit of being about half the price of the British.

Enjoy your time travels!

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