The Best Steampunk Adult Coloring Books


You may have from time to time come across the word “steampunk”, you may even know a little bit about what it is, but have you ever heard about steampunk adult coloring books?

Steampunk is a sub-genre of fantasy or sci-fi which offers an alternate view of our current time or future. In this alternate universe technology has continued to evolve, but retained a Victorian look and everything is still powered predominantly by, you guessed it, steam power. These coloring books will transport you even if just for a few hours to that magical alternate universe.

Steampunk Fashions by Creative Haven


Along with its steam powered inventions the genre is well known for its use of 19th century dress. In this coloring book you will get to color 31 different examples of steampunk fashion that are based on 19th century clothes with a little steam powered sci-fi twist. The designs are printed single sided on perforated pages which makes removing the designs before or after coloring a breeze.

The designs all feature women dressed in classic steampunk outfits and are well drawn. The paper is bright white and on the thinner side, so we suggest using pencils and gel pens, however if you want to use markers you can place a spare piece of paper behind the page or simply remove the page before coloring. This coloring book has a good selection of simple designs with not so much detail and more intricate designs will be fun for more advanced colorists.

Steampunk Animals by Jeremy Elder


Animals adult coloring books are some of the most popular adult coloring books out there, so why wouldn’t there be a steampunk animals adult coloring book? In this coloring book you will find 30 full page designs that feature a mixture of natural backgrounds and animals that have the shape of the real animals but are made up of classic steampunk elements and have a metallic look to them.

This adult coloring book features images that are printed back to back on semi thin paper, this means that we would not suggest that you use markers since they may bleed through and ruin the design on the other side of the page. Some of the designs include animals like an owl, monkey, snake, tiger, rooster and many others all with a steampunk “machine-like” look.

Steampunk Devices by Creative Haven


This adult coloring book by Creative Haven is a classic take on the steampunk genre. Between the covers you will find 30 original designs printed single sided on bright white perforated paper. The designs feature a plethora of elements common with steampunk culture like flying machines, locomotives, submarines, watches, and many other curious inventions and contraptions.

The single sided printing of this coloring book means that you can use any coloring medium you would like, but just make sure, place a spare piece of paper behind the design if you are using markers in order to stop any bleed through that may occur. The designs in this coloring book have a nice variety of complexity that will provide colorists of any level with hours of entertainment.

Happy Coloring!

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