The Best Thanksgiving Day Adult Coloring Books


For many families Thanksgiving is a holiday wrapped in tradition and routines. Whether your tradition is to go to the local parade, watch the football games at home wearing turkey hats, or mentally prepare yourself for the Black Friday store rush by stocking up on Red Bull we all have some form of tradition that to us signifies it is Thanksgiving time. In the spirit of the holiday we decided to put together a list of the adult coloring books that are most likely to get you into the Thanksgiving day mood!

Thanksgiving Adult Coloring Book by Creative Coloring


With over 30 intricate designs for you to color including Fall staples like turkeys, pumpkins, and fall leaves, this coloring book will get you in the Thanksgiving Day mood with just a few hours of coloring a week. The intricate patterns in this book will also help you relax when you start thinking about that other Thanksgiving staple...the in-laws.

The designs in this book are printed single sided which means that if you color with markers or gel pens you will not ruin other designs. We suggest using fine markers or sharp colored pencils so that you can more easily color in those fine details.

Serene Country Scenes by Mindful Coloring Books


Who doesn’t love a nice hayride in the Autumn sun? This coloring book will transport you from your living room directly to the farm and those awesome Fall scenes we all love. Inside this book you will find 72 pages of hand drawn designs that depict everything from cottages and barns to chickens and other peaceful farm scenery. Even if you live in an urban area this coloring book will transport you the quiet country scene and bring the scents of apple cider to your nose.

The designs in this book are printed on moderately thick paper that will help reduce bleed through and the chance of ruining other designs. An added bonus with this coloring book is that one of the first pages offers space to test what the color will look like on the page or what different colors will look like mixed together.

Adult Thanksgiving Coloring Book by Angela Bronson


In this coloring book you will find 20 original designs featuring familiar themes like pumpkins, fall scenes, and others. The designs are of varied difficulty and intricacy which makes this book great for artists of any skill level and gives you the choice between a quick and easy coloring or perhaps one that can take multiple hours.

The book comes with 2 sets of 20 designs for a grand total of 40 coloring pages. This gives you the opportunity to color each design a second time and try something new. All the designs are printed single sided which reduces the chance of bleed through and makes it easy to remove and display your creations.

Happy Thanksgiving Adult Coloring Book


This coloring book features over 30 Thanksgiving themed coloring pages perfect for stress relief that may come along with having your entire family packed into your kitchen. Enjoy coloring in intricate patterns and scenes that will make you focus in on the designs and not on the craziness of the holiday.

While the designs are original and very relaxing the downside is that they are printed on slightly thinner paper which leaves the possibility of bleed through ruining some of the coloring pages. We recommend placing a spare piece of paper or thin cardboard behind the page you are coloring to reduce the chances of bleed through.

Autumn Splendor Coloring Book And CD by Newbourne Media


This coloring book is an awesome way to get in the Thanksgiving mood because it combines the opportunity to color in 48 different designs while listening to music specifically picked out to accompany the images in this book. With your purchase of this coloring book you will also receive a CD featuring beautiful music mixed with the sounds of nature to make your coloring experience even more enjoyable and relaxing.

All designs are printed single sided to minimize the risk of bleed through ruining other designs. This coloring book also features top binding which makes it perfect for both right and left handed artists.

Whether you can’t wait for Thanksgiving to arrive so you can have all the turkey and pie you could want in one sitting or you need a way to stay calm and relaxed while your entire family is living under your roof these coloring books will help. If you absolutely feel the need to thank us for these tips keep in mind that we most definitely accept pie!

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