Why Can't Companies Give Away High Quality Coloring Pages?

animal adult coloring booksIf you head on out to your local bookstore, you’ll find plenty of coloring books. In the past, you would’ve encountered rows after rows of shelves dedicated to children’s coloring books – that’s all there ever was.


But nowadays, you’ll find nearly the same amount of coloring books…except these ones are for adults. These books aren’t just “bigger coloring books for children” – these are actual coloring books dedicated for grown-ups and older kids. Years ago, you would have found this extremely weird. Why would people bother coloring? That activity is for kids! But everyone knows that’s not the case. If you haven’t quite caught up with the latest events in the art industry, adult coloring books found a sudden surge in popularity. From the moment it was introduced into the market, people started taking this up as their new hobby. To cut the long story short, it became a cultural phenomenon. Eventually, it became a normal thing for people – adults, in particular – to fill in these pre-drawn images as a recreational activity. And so we go back to our present scenario, wherein adult coloring books are the norm.

We live in a modern society wherein you can find plenty of adult coloring books in stores all over the world. It is also the time wherein you can just search online for free coloring pages and hundreds of images would come jumping straight from your screen. You don’t even have to spend a single dollar on any of these images. Just save these free coloring pages and print them out. You can have as much fun as you want while experiencing maximum stress relief.

If you want to get artsy, this is the perfect hobby for you. And since you’re already getting in touch with your creative side, why not frame up your best work and hang them somewhere around the house? The possibilities are endless with these amazing coloring pages.

Make Those Adult Coloring Pages Free...

Free Adult Coloring PagesNow, as awesome as free coloring pages sound, there is one distinct limitation for these. Have you ever noticed how some companies don’t give away high quality coloring pages for free? There’s always a catch. And if you use simple business logic, you’ll see the real reason behind it.  More often than not, these companies don’t want to give away their best quality coloring pages because they are saving it for their coloring books. Those free coloring pages function as something similar to a preview. Most of these free coloring pages are attractive in their own right – and the intricate patterns and designs are beautiful enough to get you interested.

But what’s truly great about these pages, is that you are assured that there are even more beautiful coloring pages waiting for you if you buy the coloring books. It’s as simple as that. So if you take an interest in coloring as an actual hobby, you won’t hesitate to buy the adult coloring books that they offer.

There are loads of high quality coloring pages to be uncovered once you invest on this wonderfully relaxing recreational activity.

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