Will This Latest Fad Continue Overseas?

Colouring books for adults have truly become a craze in the United States. It has become so popular not only within the adults but also with the senior citizens in the retirement homes and even the teens at school. It has been picked up by millions of fans generating millions of sales.

Colouring workshops have been hosted almost everywhere. Colouring books has even become nine out of the twenty bestsellers in Amazon. Start-up and mainstream publishers have commissioned to produce and print hundreds of colouring books to meet the demand. However, will this fad continue?

Colouring Books for Adults in the United States

According to Camden Hendricks, CEO of one of the most popular coloring book companies, PCG Publishing Group, LLC, “To be totally honest, we spent a lot of time in 2015 holding our breath, waiting for the ‘bubble’ to burst, but here we are in 2016, and none of our indicators suggest any kind of slowdown in the near future. All of our data suggests strong, continued growth throughout the rest of the year, so we are nothing but bullish.

Coloring books are not like other publishing trends — they have already proven to be more durable, and their appeal just continues to expand.” PCG Publishing Group, LLC actually sold over 1 million coloring books and had 3 Amazon #1 best-sellers last year. The question now is if these latest fads in the United States continue overseas. Well, this is definitely a yes. In fact, as of today, this is actually no longer a question because colouring books for adults have already become a craze in other countries.

Colouring Books for Adults in Europe

As per Linda Turner, a licensed creative arts psychotherapist based in Manhattan, this adult coloring book trend actually started in Europe. It has long been popular in the region mainly due to its calming effect and therapeutic value.

Colouring Books for Adults in Asia

adult coloring books for sale

Asian countries like Korea even created their own colouring books for adults and produced them at large volumes. They re-applied a lot of the designs from the United States such as gardens and landscapes.  In addition, they also printed colouring books for adults with designs that capture Asia.

All Over the Social Media

Coloring Pages for Adults

They say that coloring books for adults have actually been in the market since 2012. However, the trend just really picked up starting 2015 with the help of social media. If you check out your facebook feed, explore pictures on Instagram, sort through images on Pinterest, you will see a lot of photos on colouring books and coloring materials. Social media has really helped in spreading the word about this craze not just in the United States but also in countries all over the world.  

It became viral and trending in the World Wide Web which created traction with different people around the world in such a short amount of time.

Why Is It Becoming A Trend All Over The World?

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Adult color books help you destress. Coloring helps a lot in taking your mind off your day to day problems and struggles. Each minute you spend coloring takes your mind to a deeper feeling of tranquility. Coloring challenges your artistic side. Unlike the coloring books for kids, the patterns in adult color books are much more intricate which challenges you to think of that perfect color scheme that will make the picture pop. Coloring makes you feel nostalgic.

It brings back your childhood memories. It makes you realize how ironic it is that you appreciate coloring much more now that you are an adult. It is very addictive. You crave for that rhythm when you color and then you eventually become addicted to the calming effect that it brings. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. Each time you complete coloring a pattern is definitely a proud moment, a moment of accomplishment. It is really fun. Not only is it fun to color intricate patterns but more importantly, it is so much fun to pick out and shop for your color pens!

The endless list of good reviews about coloring attracts a lot of people to try it out. Once people try it out, they realize the benefits and get addicted to it. Then, the cycle goes on and on. The next thing we know is that the coloring craze is already all over the world.

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