Why Are Adult Coloring Books Such A Big Hit?

Have you heard of the latest fad in town? Nope, it is not the newest iPhone model released by Apple. It is also not the techy watch launched by Garmin. It’s definitely not about the latest or the coolest gadget available in the market. The latest fad is all about the simple yet fun adult color books. Yes, you got that right, adult color books. Why are they such a big hit?


Adult color books help you DE-STRESS

Coloring helps a lot in taking your mind off your day to day problems and struggles. As you start coloring, the realities of life begins to fade away. After a few minutes of coloring, your mind will be transported to a serene place where only you, your color pens and your color book are important.

Each minute you spend coloring takes your mind to a deeper feeling of tranquility. Before you even notice it, you finish your piece without realizing that you have spent a good hour in peace. You will just realize that you are so relaxed and you feel like you just came out of the spa after a good massage.

Coloring challenges your ARTISTIC side

Adult Coloring Books For Sale

Unike the coloring books for kids, the patterns in adult color books are much more intricate. There a lot of different books to choose from. Each has their own theme like gardens, sceneries, geometric shapes and animals. The more interesting the pattern is, the more you feel challenged to think of that perfect color scheme that will make the picture pop.

It brings back your CHILDHOOD memories

As you start coloring, you will most likely start to feel nostalgic. You will probably go back to the days when your mom used to outline your coloring book so that it will be easier for you to color within the lines.

You might also remember the time when you were so excited when your dad gave you a 46 piece Crayola box that even came with gold and silver color, and not to mention, a built-in color sharpener. You may even recall the time when you hated your kindergarten teacher for giving you homework to color a page or two. Then, you realize how ironic it is that you appreciate coloring much more now that you are an adult.

It is just so ADDICTIVE

Coloring Books for Adults

When you begin with a new pattern, you first think of your color scheme. You, then color one section at a time. Each time, you think of the next color pen that you will use and then you think of the next part you will color. When you are done with one part, you think again of the next color pen that you will use and then you think of the next part you will color. You get into the cycle and then you slowly lose yourself to the rhythm. Before you know it, you crave for that rhythm and you are already so addicted to the feeling!

It gives you a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT

Every time you finish a section within a page, you get a quick win. Each time you complete coloring a pattern is definitely a proud moment, a moment of accomplishment. It is like giving birth to your very own masterpiece. It is the moment you have been waiting for. It’s the time that you proudly show the world what you have created or in other words, it is the time that you can finally snap a photo of your art piece and post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Snapchat!

It is really FUN

Adult Coloring
Not only is it fun to color intricate patterns but more importantly, it is so much fun to pick out and shop for your color pens! You are definitely not limited to just the blues, yellows and the reds. The colors you can choose from go way beyond the ROYGBIV. The shades of color are just endless. There are all sorts of blue from baby blue to navy blue to periwinkle to whatever blue.
There are even metallic ones, glittery ones, neon ones, you name it! We’re sure you’re pretty convinced now so what are you waiting for? Grab your color book and color pens and color away!

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