Adult Coloring Books Hit an All Time High

If you’re an adult, or a teenager, or anything other than a child, you’ve probably heard of adult coloring books. It’s a trend that’s so popular that it’s hard to avoid. You might know someone who likes coloring. You might be aware of social groups that are solely dedicated to coloring. You might even enjoy coloring during your own free time.

Adult Coloring Books Are Here To Stay...

Mandala Adult Coloring PagesThe thing is, it’s such an enduring trend. People thought it was going to die down a couple of months after it started getting popular. But look at it now: people are still coloring, and its appeal is only spreading even faster. If you’re one of the rare few people who have never encountered this term before, we’ll happily describe it to you. It’s exactly what it sounds like: they are coloring books – just like the ones you used when you were little – except they are marketed towards adults.

Also, the designs on these coloring books for adults are far more complex, so they’re nothing you can easily fill in without concentrating hard. This is the exact reason why it can’t be marketed for kids, and why adults love every second of this strangely addictive activity. It helps them concentrate on the task at hand, meaning they forget their troubles for a while. It’s a relaxing hobby for many stressed out adults who are trapped in a living vortex of doom and gloom.

It’s also a good way to express your artistic side – without the hassles of actual artistry. You are free to express your creativity without having to draw anything. For this reason, adult coloring books have become a cultural phenomenon. It has stood the test of time. Over the years, more and more people have come to try out this nostalgic activity. In fact, adult coloring has hit an all time high in terms of popularity!


Michael's / Hobby Lobby / Any Local Craft Store Carry Adult Coloring Books!

Animal Adult Coloring BooksDid you know that adult coloring books have even reached retail stores? And if you visit your local bookstore, you’ll probably find rows and rows of shelves dedicated to different kinds of coloring books for adults. They’ve even surpassed children’s coloring books by now! It’s a testament to how much people have come to enjoy coloring during their spare time. It can also be viewed as a bit of a sad indicator of our stress levels.

Maybe people are so stressed that they are willing to try unconventional ways of eliminating it? But by all means, adult coloring books have become conventional. In fact, you don’t even have to buy the books in order to try out coloring.

There are plenty of websites out there that offer free coloring pages. We suggest visiting the Free Adult Coloring Pages section on the Creatively Calm Studios for amazing coloring page samples.

Who knows?

Maybe you’ll find that adult coloring isn’t so bad after all. Right now, it’s no longer just a trend. It’s a widely accepted part of our culture. So why not reap its relaxing benefits while you’re enjoying it?

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