Top 3 Animal Designs We Have Come Across

Who Doesn’t Like Animals?

Unless you are deathly afraid of them, or they are terrorizing your neighborhood, or you are some sort of heartless freak who likes harming little critters for fun, then you must have an appreciation of animals. They come in all shapes and sizes and are found everywhere in nature.

Go for a dive in the deep blue sea and you’ll encounter entire schools of fish. Go deep into the jungle and you’ll see all sorts of birds, bugs, and reptiles. Maybe you have your own beloved animal living with you at home – and no, we’re not talking about your husband.


We humans love animals so much that we go out of our way to interact with them. We study their anatomy; we observe how they move around in nature, and how they interact with other species. They may not be human, but they have entire communities that serve the purpose of preserving their lives and ensuring their survival. And we love them for that.

In fact, we incorporate our “little friends” into almost all of our everyday activities. Some of us sleep with their dogs on the bed, some of us own extensive collections of cat-related products, and some even keep ant farms!

And so, it comes as no surprise that even our hobbies and interests are laced with animal-inspired themes. Notice how online games and mobile applications have all sorts of cartoon animals serving as their mascots? Notice how rapidly a cute cat video can go viral on the internet? And notice how all of our children watch movies and cartoons with animal protagonists?

Bunny Designs


When the concept of adult coloring books became a trend, it soon became apparent that images of animals should be one of the main highlights of any new coloring book. And adults are definitely motivated to bring these creatures to life using their pens, colored pencils, and crayons. Now the animal-themed coloring books are some of the most common in the market!

If you want to get in on the craze, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will describe some of the most popular animal designs we’ve come across, so you can enjoy them too!

We all know how therapeutic it can be to fill in those intricate designs, so just imagine the effect if you were to do the same for an animal-inspired page. The results will be splendid.


The Squirrel Design

Adult Coloring Design - Squirrel


This adorable woodland creature is not to be mistaken for a rat. They are also not to be mistaken for the singing rodents that are heavily featured in Hollywood movies as a trio of annoying but adorable performers (those are chipmunks).

Many of people like squirrels, so it’s very likely that you’ll enjoy coloring this cute squirrel design. While usual coloring books will have children color its fur entirely brown, you are encouraged to fill-in the complex design on the critter’s skin. Its long tail is even more complicated, but rest assured you will love the result when you finally complete this drawing.

Also featured is the tree branch with matching flowers.


The Lion Head Design

Lion Coloring Design

The strong, bold, and brave lion is more than just a symbolism for strength. It’s also an inspiring design to color because it is incredibly detailed. You will marvel at the lion’s courageous face as you color it with all the right patterns.

Its mane is simple enough to fill in as it only features straight lines, but the face and the head itself is a different story. You’ll have a blast coloring this amazing lion head.


The Chimpanzee Design

Adult Coloring Page - Monkey Design

Ah, the monkey. It is said that we evolved from this specie. But now we are clearly evolved enough to tackle important life matters such as finances, and education, and philosophy. In fact we are so stressed out by our own knowledge that we have to sit back and relax just to unwind. What better way to do just that than by coloring an impressively-designed drawing of a chimpanzee?

It is similar to the lion head design, except this one looks more fun and engaging. It has leafy designs all over the monkey’s face, possibly inspired by the nature in which the animal resides.

It’s a stunning visual display that will surely look better once you’ve finished your job of coloring it.

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