The Ultimate Adult Coloring Book Kit

The Ultimate Adult Coloring Book Kit


If you are just getting started with coloring you may be wondering what sort of things you may need. If you are an experienced colorer with a lot of designs under your belt you may be on the lookout for that new tool or accessory that will tie your existing coloring kit together. Whichever group you fit in we think you will really enjoy our Ultimate Adult Coloring Book Kit we have put together. This kit is everything you need to get started and since it is an “ultimate” gift we didn’t stop ourselves from selecting the best of the best.

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils


These colored pencils are not expensive but they could easily cost double their price and we would still buy them. Prismacolor pencils have some of the richest colors on the colored pencil markers and can not only hold up to much more expensive brands but you’d be surprised how often they are actually better. The soft core graphite puts down a wonderfully smooth and consistent color and allows for easy blending. We suggest that you get started with a 24 pack but we won’t question it for a second if you decide to go straight for the grand poo-bah 150 count pack.

Copic Markers Basic Set


These are the markers that all colorists and artists drool over on social media and forums, and with reason. The color quality is out of this world and since they are alcohol based they put down even lines that don’t layer and create those awful layer marks cheaper markers leave behind. Best of all since they are alcohol based and take a little bit longer to dry, with a little bit of practice you can actually blend these markers which is AWESOME! Their price can be a bit shocking so we suggest you start with a smaller pack like this one and slowly work your way up to a bigger collection so your spouse doesn’t notice the obscene amounts of money you are spending on markers.

Koh-I-Noor Pencil Sharpener


While we love an electric pencil sharpener as much as the next person they tend to be bulky and not very easy to take on the go, and you just don’t get the same amount of control as you do with a manual pencil sharpener. This pencil sharpener by Koh-I-Noor is our top pick because of it’s low price, 3 different sized blades to create different graphite lengths, and awesome quality.

Derwent Battery Operated Eraser


At this point you may be thinking we have gone crazy but since this is our “ultimate” coloring kit and this eraser is exactly as epic as it sounds we’ll accept your accusations. This mechanical eraser has a small battery operated motor that powers the eraser head to vibrate and erase almost any pencil marks with ease. What’s really cool is that since it’s super precise you can actually use it as a drawing tool and create “drawings” in pencil shadings. The only downfall is that it doesn’t make erasing large areas any easier but I guess we can forgive that.

GBArt Art Supplies Organizer


With all of these awesome coloring tools and accessories you will need someplace to hold them and organize them. This roll up bag is made of canvas and tipped with leather which gives it a very nice classy look. We also love that it has an adjustable strap which means that you can keep your bag closed tight at every step of you growing art collection. One of the coolest features of this bag though is that you can actually wear it as an artist’s belt which means that you can always have a colored pencil or marker close by while remaining hands free.

The Complete Creatively Calm Coloring Book Set

If you are going to have the ultimate coloring tools you should be using them in the ultimate coloring book set. Our complete coloring book set includes our 9 most popular coloring books, at 40 designs per book that adds up to 360 coloring designs, that is almost one design per day for a year! Each coloring book has a different theme like Animals, Geometric Shapes, Scenes, and Landmarks. With our coloring books you can also rest easy when using markers since we use some of the thickest paper in the industry!

We hope that the ultimate coloring kit of our dreams has inspired you to go come up with the kit of your dreams. Tag us on Instagram (@creativelycalmstudios and use the hashtag #creativelycalm) to share you ultimate coloring kit and we may share your picture. Happy coloring!

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