Color Your City With These Adult Coloring Books


Coloring isn’t all about flowers and mandalas, that is not everyone’s thing and that is ok. What if for example you have a little bit of an architect in you and would like to color some urban inspired designs, buildings, and overall cityscapes? Well if that sounds like something you might be into then you are in luck because there is a small subset of adult coloring books that focus exactly on that and we have done all the research to help you get the perfect one for you.

Splendid Cities by Rosie Goodwin and Alice Chadwick


This coloring book has 42 designs of cities both real and imagined all of which are printed across two pages. This does mean that the images are printed on back to back pages but the paper is of good quality so most gel pens will not bleed through. We do however suggest that you stay away from markers since those will bleed through and ruin the image on the back effectively ruining two pages of designs since they are all 2 page illustrations.

The designs in this coloring book are a mix of intricate cityscapes and more simple urban and building designs. Although these designs are simple it’s actually a great opportunity for those colorists who are looking to add a few of their own original designs to the illustrations.

Circular Cities by Creative Heaven


This coloring book by Creative Heave truly lives up to the name of the company by displaying 31 different cities from all around the world in unique circular designs that are very fun to color. Designs are printed one side of the page which means that you can use colored pencils, gel pens, or markers without worrying about bleed through ruining one of the designs. We do still recommend placing a spare sheet of paper behind the page you are coloring to soak up any color that may leak through.

Each design in this adult coloring book showcases a famous city and its landmarks. Some of the cities you will have the opportunity to color are Barcelona, Dubai, Chicago, Hong Kong, and New York just to name a few. While the main design is circular and takes up the center of the page there are some accenting designs on the rest of the page that can also be colored. One of our favorite things about the designs in this coloring book is that while they are intricate, none of them are difficult to color which is something that is easy to get wrong.

Fantastic Cities by Steve McDonald


This amazing coloring book by Steve McDonald has 58 intricate designs of cities from around the world and ones that have come out of McDonald’s own imagination. The designs are printed two sided on high quality paper that handles gel pens well but we do recommend you stay away from markers since some brands may leak through and ruin the design on the back.

What we love about this coloring book is just how detailed it is. It is a wonderful project for colorists who have some experience or want to work on designs that will take multiple hours to finish. Another thing that makes this coloring book very exciting to work on are the unique angles at which the cities are drawn. Even if you are familiar with the cities you are coloring you will feel like you are being introduced to them for the first time.

Hope you enjoy these coloring books as much as we have and as always happy coloring!

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