The Perfect Adult Coloring Books For Relaxation


One of the main reasons many people pick up adult coloring is because of it’s amazing relaxation properties, the truth is however that not all adult coloring books are created equal. Some designs are much better at helping you relax than others. This is where coloring stops and “art therapy” takes over. Adult coloring books that are designed with relaxation and distress in mind are much more than just empty shapes to color. Here is our selection of some of the best coloring books for relaxation.

Coloring Book For Adults Relaxation


This adult coloring book produced by Tip Top Coloring Books has 68 pages of coloring designs with every design printed single sided on medium quality paper. The illustrations are of medium intricacy and the subject of most designs are floral with with some featuring animals like dragonflies and butterflies. These scenes are very playful and will be helpful in removing stress.

The designs in this adult coloring book are of good quality and feature a lot of fun floral patterns to color. The designs however tend to all be of medium intricacy so more experienced colorists looking for intricate designs won’t find that in this coloring book. While the designs in this coloring book are printed one sided the paper is not very thick and some severe bleed through may occur so we suggest using a spare piece of paper between pages to soak up any ink.

Mandalas Adult Coloring Book Set With Pencils And Sharpener


This adult coloring book printed by Newbourne Media has 48 coloring designs printed single sided on medium quality paper. This coloring set also comes with 12 double sided coloring pencils for a total of 24 colors and a pencil sharpener. The coloring book also has a protective inlay card which you can place behind designs to make sure that no pressure marks transfer through to other designs.

Mandalas are wonderful patterns for relaxation. The best and most relaxing technique for coloring mandalas is to start from the outside and move your way towards the center. By restraining yourself from coloring the center first and instead direct your focus to the detailed perimeter of the mandalas you slow yourself down which leads to relaxation. The addition of coloring pencils and a sharpener makes this a wonderful option for beginners.

Creatively Calm Weekly Printable Designs

Our 5 weekly printable designs are a perfect option for beginner colorists and those who want a bit more freedom around the quality of paper and a more diverse selection of subjects. When you sign up for this deal you will start receiving 5 designs every week by email that you can then print out on paper of your choice.

These weekly coloring designs vary in subject which means that you will never be stuck coloring tens of flower designs one after another. This means that you will not get bored easily and will have a higher chance of continuing with coloring for the long term when you really begin to feel the full effects of art therapy and its relaxing properties. Best of all at just $7 per month the price of this deal is unbeatable, that 20 coloring designs every month for just $7.

Hope this has been a helpful selection of coloring books and as always Happy Coloring!

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