The Best Fall Adult Coloring Books


Even though so many places around the world are currently experiencing record heat waves with every passing day we are getting closer and closer to the sweet relief of the fall months. Soon the leaves will begin to turn red, yellow, and brown, and shorts will give way to flannels and we couldn’t be more excited. Here are the best coloring books to get you ready for that autumn weather.

Thanksgiving Adult Coloring Book


This adult coloring book is an awesome celebration of one of our favorite holidays: Thanksgiving. The sweet smell of turkey and yams fills this coloring book through its designs. Between the covers you will find over 30 stress relieving designs all based around Thanksgiving that are printed single sided on thin white paper.

While this coloring book does have single sided printing the paper is on the thin side so we recommend using only colored pencils to complete the designs. If you do decide to use markers we highly recommend using a spare piece of paper of card stock in between designs to soak up any bleed through that may soak through the paper.

Autumn Falls Adult Coloring Book


This adult coloring book filled with illustrations created by artist Ebony Rainn features 30 designs all inspired by the autumn months. Between the covers you will find Halloween pumpkins, Thanksgiving day motifs and beautiful autumn scenes along with tons of cute animals all printed single sided.

This adult coloring book is created using CreateSpace so the paper is the classic thin white paper with glued binding. Due to the thin paper we do recommend that you stick to colored pencils when using this coloring book since markers will bleed through and could ruin the designs on the next page. If you do decide to use colored pencils we recommend you use a spare piece of paper to soak up any bleed through.

Autumn Scenes Adult Coloring Book


This adult coloring book illustrated by Teresa Goodridge and produced by Creative Haven features 31 original designs that do a great job of celebrating the color and feel of the autumn season. The designs range from fun scenery designs to animals, Thanksgiving Day motifs, and even football game day in the fall. The designs vary in difficulty but most tend to be of moderate intricacy so novice and advanced colorists alike will find them entertaining.

The designs in this adult coloring book are printed single sided on paper that is thin and white like all other Creative Haven coloring books. Once again we recommend using colored pencils when coloring the designs in this adult coloring book. Gel pens will bleed through slightly and markers (especially alcohol based ones) will bleed through quite a bit. If using anything other than pencils we recommend using a spare piece of paper to soak up any bleed through that may damage any of the designs on following pages.

Here’s to hoping that the current heat wave is soon replaced with cooler weather and as always, Happy Coloring.

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