The Best Valentine's Day Coloring Books For Adults


Valentine’s Day is a time to show your love and appreciation for the most important person in your life. While jewelry and chocolates are a time tested favorite, this year consider taking a step outside the box and give them a gift that keeps giving back.

Coloring book are a fantastic way to relax and de-stress after a long day of work, something we all need in today’s fast paced society. The good news is we have done the hard work for you and found some of the best Valentine’s Day coloring pages on the market:

Color Love Coloring Book by Thaneeya McArdle


This coloring book is a great choice for all you lovebirds who travel often or like to take your coloring to work or on the go period. The size is perfect to stick in a large pocket or a backpack and with 28 designs you will not be getting bored anytime soon. Inside you will find a plethora of designs ranging from large and easy to more intricate and difficult with lovely subjects like animals, nature, and travel all with a nice “love” inspired flair.

The designs are printed on one side of the page while the other side has an inspirational quote. The paper quality of this coloring book is pretty good but heavier markers and gel pens will bleed through so make sure to stick a spare piece of paper in between the designs when coloring. This coloring book also comes with some colored in designs for inspiration and 4 pages for you to color in that help you train in color therapy.

Words Of Love To Color by Eleri Fowler


This book will be familiar to fans of Eleri Fowler since it follow the same design ideas as her other famous “Words” coloring books except that this one is all about love! Between the covers of this Valentine’s Day adult coloring book you will find 96 pages full of designs, quotes, and introductory material to help you get the most of your coloring experience.

In this coloring book you will find a good mixture of creative designs and some romantic quotes written out in beautiful lettering. All quotes and designs are about the topic of love and romance and will be a joy to color in during the most lovely of holidays and beyond. The paper quality is similar to that of the other books by the author and can withstand most coloring utensils, but special care should be taken when using markers.

Valentine Hearts by Emma Andrews


This adult coloring book oozes Valentine’s Day spirit. The book is made up of 50 designs of different complexity that have subjects like heart shapes, mandalas, and doodles. The large number of designs in this book along with the intricacy of some of the pages will keep you entertained and relaxed for hours.

The designs are printed on one sided sheets of paper in order to minimize bleed through onto other designs. The pages are also perforated which enables you to easily remove your favorite designs from the book and display them for all to see. Another nice touch is that the contents page of this coloring book has a link from which you can download and print out any of the designs in the book so that you can have the pleasure of coloring them over and over again.

Adult Coloring Book Of Love by Just Sketch Publishing


Find 25 fantastic designs to color in and celebrate love with in this coloring book by Just Sketch Publishing. The designs vary from detailed and intricate to ones with larger areas to cover which will be less challenging. Many of the designs feature animals like bunnies and bears along with beautiful flowers all orbiting around the theme of love.

The designs are printed on one sided pieces of paper in order to minimize bleed through onto other designs. This also gives you the ability to easily remove your favorite designs and display them without having to sacrifice other designs. We recommend using fine tipped markers to color in these designs but if you will be leaving the designs in the book while coloring make sure to use a spare piece of paper to soak up any bleed through from the markers.

Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages by Coloring Craze


Inside this adult coloring book you will find a plethora of Valentine’s Day inspired designs ranging from cute quotes to cherubs and love inspired geometric patterns. All 30 of the colorings are printed onto medium quality stock paper so some bleed through should be expected especially when using markers. A nice bonus of this coloring book is that with your purchase you will also receive a link that enables you to print every design in the book again so that you can color in your favorite designs again and again. This also gives you the option to print some of the designs onto higher quality paper which will be better for displaying your colorings.

Whichever Valentine’s Day coloring book you choose it will be a great gift for your loved one. Pair any of thee coloring books with a classy box of chocolates and a dozen roses and you will have done your job well. The best part about this gift though is that unlike the chocolates and flowers these coloring books will be enjoyed by your loved for weeks to come. Happy Valentine’s Day love birds!

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