Mother's Day Is Approaching, Be Ready With These Adult Coloring Books


We all want the same things for our moms: to be happy, healthy, loved, and relaxed. Unfortunately way too many moms these days are stressed out and constantly running from place to place which leaves little time for them to think about themselves. Mother’s Day however offers us the chance to slow down and appreciate our moms and show them how much they mean to us. We picked out the following coloring books as great Mother’s Day presents because they will show you mom how much you love them and help them de-stress and for once, relax and not think about anything.

Anti-Stress Coloring Book by Art Therapy Coloring


This coloring book is a great way to tell your mom “I love you”. The book has over 30 designs for her to color printed on one sided pieces of paper and ranging from easy, to more difficult and intricate. With this gift every time your mom opens this book she will be reminded of how much you love her, talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

The designs in this coloring book are printed on semi thick paper but make sure you still encourage the use of a spare piece of paper between pages in order to minimize bleed through which may occur when coloring with some markers and gel pens.

Mother’s Day Coloring Book by Amy Smith


This coloring book was put together specifically for Mother’s Day and features a plethora of designs like mandalas and freestyle illustrations inspired by Mother Nature. Within the covers of this adult coloring book you will find 72 pages full of illustrations and even some nice messages to mom that are sure to make her smile.

This coloring book is printed on quality white paper that will keep colored pencils and most gel pens from bleeding through. If using markers however make sure to use a spare sheet of paper between pages to minimize bleed through of the heavier ink.

My Mother, My Heart by Eleri Fowler


This 96 page coloring book was created with only one thing in mind: to bring joy and love to your mother. Eleri Fowler has created a wonderful tribute to your wonderful mother in the form of delicate patterns and intertwining flowers. Many pages also include motherly quotes by people like Victor Hugo and Abraham Lincoln. All quotes are done in free hand illustration style and will be a blast to color in along with the rest of the coloring pages.

This coloring book is printed on heavier card stock helping minimize bleed through of gel pens and will handle most markers. Heavier markers however like Sharpies may bleed through so make sure to take preventative measures if you plan on using these markers.

Love You Mom: Doodle And Dream by Christina Rose


This coloring book is filled with more than 50 designs ranging from animals, to clothes, accessories, and mandalas to help your mom relax no matter how tough her day has been.

All designs are printed on one side of the pages allowing you to easily remove the pages out of the book in order to frame and display them for all to see. Although the paper in this book is pretty good we still recommend you use a spare piece of paper in between pages so that you do not ruin any other designs with accidental bleed through.

Weekly Printable Pages from Creatively Calm Studios


This truly is a wonderful gift that keeps on giving month after month. With this subscription your mom will receive 5 different coloring designs every week, that's a total of 20 pages a month. These designs range from a plethora of themes like animals, landscapes, geometric shapes, mandalas, and scenery. Every time your mom opens the mail and sees these coloring pages inside she will be reminded of you and your love...sure beats a bouquet of flowers which will die in a couple of days anyways.

All of our designs are printed on some of the thickest paper in the industry and the loose leaf design of these coloring pages make it easy for your mom to display her creations after she is done. With every purchase we also donate a portion of our profits to one of our wonderful charities, so not only will you be helping your mom relax but you will be helping other people as well.

This Mother’s Day give your mom the gift of not only love but relaxation as well. All of these coloring books and pages will give your mom an excuse to sit down after a hard day and take a few minutes to herself and color. Adult coloring books truly are a gift that keeps on giving.

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