The Best Landscape And Butterfly Adult Coloring Books


Just like with everything else different people have different preferences on what they would like to spend their time coloring. Some people like to color nature, while others like to color cityscapes or historical events. Well today I wanted to help out those who like to color some of the most popular topics - butterflies and scenery. So here are our picks for the best coloring books in those topics.

Summer Scenes Coloring Book by Creative Heaven


It’s now May and that means that the warm rays of summer are just around the corner. From time to time we are still getting rainy chilly days but for the most part we are well on our way to ice cream and chilled lemonade filled days. This coloring book by Creative Heaven will help keep you happy and warm until June.

Inside you will find 31 designs printed on one sided perforated pages. Some scene examples include beach days, the summer fair, summer days on the farm, and a whole slew of oceanside fun designs. The single side printing helps minimize bleed through although we still recommend you use a spare piece of paper between pages as a safeguard especially if you are using markers. The perforated pages make it easy to remove your finished art pieces and display them for friends and family to see.

Butterflies and Flowers Stress Relieving Patterns by Cherina Kohey


This coloring book by Cherina Kohey is a fantastic way to relieve stress if you are a butterfly lover. Inside you will find 30 original designs printed on single sided pages. Some of the designs are focused on a single butterfly so you can color it in detail while others show many butterflies arranged in a flower scene.

The single sided printing allows you to color with any medium and not have to worry about ruining a design on the other side of the page. The paper itself however is thin and some color may bleed through the page and onto other pages. This is easily avoided by placing a spare piece of paper behind the design you are working on in order to soak up any bleed through.

Butterflies and Flowers, Landmarks, and Henna Designs Coloring Book Set by Creatively Calm Studios


With this coloring book set you will receive three of our most popular coloring books: Butterflies and Flowers, Landmarks, and Henna Designs. Each coloring book has 40 original designs each of which is themed after its title. All of our coloring books including Butterflies and Flowers are printed on some of the highest quality paper which prevents bleed through when using almost all mediums.

Scenery, Animals, and Geometric Designs Coloring Book Set by Creatively Calm Studios


This is our very first coloring book set and to this day one of our best sellers. In this set you will receive our Animals, Geometric Shapes, and Scenery coloring books. Each coloring book has 40 designs all about its own theme printed on some of the thickest paper in the industry. The scenes depicted in our coloring books are all original and will take you on a journey from small villages to river valleys.

The awesome thing about our coloring book sets is that you receive three high quality coloring books for the price that some of the other guys charge for just one coloring book. This allows you to color in your favorite subject while giving you the option to explore and test out new subjects without any risk.

We hope that this post was helpful and as always happy coloring!


Gail Barnes on May 21 2017 at 05:46AM

My son got me 3 of theses books for Christmas. I love them!! Need to get more.

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