High Quality Coloring Pages For Adults


What makes a good coloring book? Some would say original designs, a high level of intricacy, and still others would say that the quality of the paper is what makes a coloring book truly great. Well we think that just one of those doesn’t cut it, a great coloring book needs all of those qualities and more in order to qualify as truly great for us.

One of the most important goals for us when we set out to create Creatively Calm Studios was to produce high quality images that would be original and just intricate enough to be entertaining. In order to achieve this goal we decided to hire multiple artists that are located all over the world. This stimulates creativity and allows us to fill out coloring books with designs inspired by the four corners of the world.

If you’ve spent any time looking for coloring books online or in stores you will find that many of them use thin paper. While this may help keep costs down it also allows for bleed through if you decide to use anything other than colored pencils. That is why when we were designing our first coloring book set we decided to use some of the thickest paper available. This makes it possible for us to print our designs back to back and provide you with more illustrations to color in each coloring book, while still making it possible for you to use gel pens and markers since our high grade thick paper can handle almost any marker brand.

Here at Creatively Calm Studios we want to create great coloring books that can bring joy to our customers. But beyond that we also want to give back. That is why from the very beginning we have been donating a portion of our profits to one of our amazing charities.

If you are in the market for a new coloring book check out our favorite Creatively Calm Studios coloring book sets:

Animals, Geometric Shapes, and Scenery

This is the original Creatively Calm set and still one of our favorites. Inside you will find 120 high quality designs ranging from koala bears and tigers to fun mandalas and sleepy country vistas. This is the perfect coloring book set for people who are just getting into coloring and don’t yet know what they would like to color. This coloring book set gives you the opportunity to color in a range of subjects in some of the most popular categories in adult coloring.

Into The Jungle, Under The Sea, and Up In The Air

One of our newest coloring book sets and an instant favorite. If you know that you like to color animals then this coloring book set will keep you happy and entertained for weeks on end. Each coloring book in this set focuses a specific array of animals including jungle animals like tigers and chameleons, a wide range of birds, and a great representation of the diverse life under the sea. Whatever your favorite with 40 designs per book you know that you will have plenty to color.

Happy Coloring!

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