Adult Coloring Books Kit: The Gift That Keeps Giving


Have you ever gotten a gift that you are super excited for, but after a few days you don't even think about it anymore? It's luster has disappeared and now it collects dust on a shelf or inside a drawer. Well I have for sure.

Adult coloring book kits are a gift that will keep giving back and will keep your loved ones entertained for months. Every page features a different image to color so it keeps the artist coming back fro more day after day. Here are some of the must haves for any good coloring book kit.

An Awesome Adult Coloring Book


Our particular coloring book is actually a set of coloring books. With over 120 images ranging from easy to detailed and slightly more challenging the Creatively Calm Adult Coloring Book Set will delight your loved ones for months to come. This set includes our Geometric Prints, Scenery, and Animals coloring books which are some of our customer's favorites.

All of our coloring books are printed on some of the thickest paper in the industry, our images are drawn by in house designers from all over the world which insures an endless amount of creativity within the pages of our books. Along with being a high quality coloring book set it also gives back. With every purchase we donate part of our profits to a number of charities in order to help out the less fortunate of us.

High Quality Fine Tipped Markers


With any coloring book you can expect one thing, details. In order to color in those small tight spaces and still get an amazing pop of color you will need a set of high quality multicolor fine tipped markers or gel pens.

Our personal favorites are these ultra fine tipped markers from Sharpie. With a brand like Sharpie you know you can expect the absolute best and that the colors will be rich and won't fade with time.

Set Of Premium Coloring Pencils


Coloring pencils are a great alternative to markers and are preferred by many people. The huge benefit of using pencils is that if you make a mistake you can erase it. Another huge benefit is that some coloring pencils, specifically ones that use a soft core like these ones by Colore, can be mixed with other colors on the page to create original shades.

This makes coloring pencils extremely versatile and gives the artist the ability to create truly original and one of a kind pieces of art.

A Great Pencil Sharpener and Eraser


If you plan on using pencils are your coloring tool of choice then you have to have a high quality sharpener and eraser.

There is nothing worse that a sharpener that keeps breaking your pencils. This is even more important when using soft core color pencils which are much easier to damage. Thankfully a high quality sharpener is not expensive and will last a very long time. This sharpener by art supply legends Prismacolor even has two types of sharpeners, one for general use, and one that will make your pencils very sharp, perfect for that detail work.

Ever used an eraser that instead of erasing things off the page just smudges them? Yeah we have too and it’s the most annoying thing in the world. To avoid this get yourself the eraser that the pro’s use, a kneaded one. Unlike the common variety used by school children everywhere a kneaded eraser is pliable so that it can be molded into any shape you want so that it can reach even those tiny spaces you were never able to get before. An eraser like this also won’t rub off any of the paper like most other eraser. Instead it actually pulls the color off the page into the rubber, to clean simply re-mold it and use again.


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