Sensational Abstract Coloring Pages for Adults


You may have heard the word “abstract” being thrown around before when describing art, but what does it actually mean, and more importantly why you should you care about it when coloring is concerned?

Well, abstract art is art that tries to communicate without abiding by the logical laws of nature. Historically speaking western art has tried to recreate nature as it is through a painting or statue. The beginning of the 20th century however saw a shift towards abstract art led by famous artists like Picasso, Matisse, and Dali.

One of the main reasons why adult coloring has become such a popular hobby over the last few years is in part because of its therapeutic powers. Coloring has the ability to help you relax and actually cause you to enter a state similar to that experienced by people who meditate.

Abstract coloring designs like mandalas for example, have proven to be better at inducing these sorts of states than other coloring designs depicting things like animals. In this blog post we will showcase some of the best adult coloring books featuring abstract coloring pages that are not mandalas. This way next time you are dealing with stress you know which coloring book to reach for.

A Ridiculous Abstract Adult Coloring Book


This abstract adult coloring book by artist Mike Bregel features 25 original designs printed single sided on classic CreateSpace quality paper. The designs are a mixture of doodles some of which follow a pattern and others are completely random. These designs are hand drawn and created through a process called automatism where the design is created without any previous plans making them truly original and abstract.

To get the best possible results when working on this adult coloring book we suggest using colored pencils. Markers will also work well and produce a rich color, however make sure that you use a spare piece of paper between designs to stop any bleed through from ruining the designs on the other pages.

Creative Haven Abstract Designs Coloring Book


The “edgier” side of abstract art is alive and well in this coloring book by Creative Haven. Abstract art doesn’t have to be just about swirling shapes, but can be more geometric as seen in this adult coloring book.

Between the pages of this coloring book you will find more than 30 original designs printed single sided on perforated pages. The single sided printing helps reduce the chance of ink bleeding through and affecting other designs while the perforated pages make it easy for you to remove the design before or after coloring and display it proudly.

Henna Designs Coloring Book by Creatively Calm Studios

This is one of our original coloring books and still a fan favorite. The designs featured in this coloring book were inspired by a trip to Southeast Asia and the amazing patterns that one of our founders Aubrey witnessed there firsthand. While walking around a busy market Aubrey decided to get a henna tattoo and it was during this experience that she realized how calming the process of making these designs was.

This coloring book comes as a part of a set of three coloring books including our Butterflies and Flowers, and Landmarks coloring books. This way when you get tired of coloring abstract subjects you can just reach out a grab another coloring book. Our designs are printed on some of the thickest paper in the industry helping to reduce the chances of bleed through.

We hope you enjoyed this post discussing the benefits of abstract coloring pages and as always Happy Coloring!

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