Free Cool Coloring Pages For Adults


Are you tired of coloring the same old boring coloring pages and want something cool to color? Well you’ve come to the right place, because in this blog post we are going to highlight some of the coolest and free (because there is nothing cooler than free) coloring pages for adults. These coloring pages are not for the faint of heart but the finished results will be awesome! All of these pages and more can be found in our Free Coloring Pages Pinterest Board.

Monster Doodle Fusion Coloring Page


Who can say no to doodles. This adult coloring page is straight out of one of the pages from your school notebook but with a dash of professional artistry. This adult coloring page features tons of little monsters all interwoven in one large doodle. Best of all the monsters all have a varied level of intricacy so you will have some easier ones amongst all the crazy detail. The important thing is that all this combined with your creativity and you are going to be left with one awesome coloring.

Empire State Building Under Attack Coloring Page


This is another adult coloring page that focuses on doodle monsters, but in this one the little monsters are actually attacking one of the most recognizable buildings in the world - The Empire State Building. What’s particularly cool about this coloring page is that even though it is still quite intricate you will find it a bit easier than the first one. Many of the doodle characters are actually the same which means that you don’t need to figure out how to color them all over again, but gives you the ability to use different colors. All those different colors together will help to create one awesome coloring.

Ice Cream World Coloring Page


If we know one thing it’s that there is nothing cooler in this world than ice cream, just ask any 10 year old. This adult coloring page is much less intricate than the previous two and trades out doodle monsters for ice cream cones. One of our favorite things about this coloring page is the solid black background which when combined with all the bright colors of an ice cream cone will leave you with an awesome design that will make you want to say "Wow" every time you walk past it.

The King of The Jungle Coloring Page


Alright so there might be one thing that gives ice cream a run for its money in the cool category, and that is the one and only king of the jungle - the lion. This cool coloring page has a little bit of everything. It has really awesome African inspired patterns, an animal design, lots of detail, and also some larger spaces that you can use when you need a break from all the detail. One of the coolest things about this coloring page is that when all is said and done, and every little spot has been colored, the fearsome tiger that is the subject of this page will just pop. Now that will look awesome on your wall!

Free Weekly Coloring Designs For A Year


Like we mentioned at the beginning of this post one of the coolest things about all of these posts is that they are all free and printable from our Pinterest board. But what happens when you are all done with them and need something new to color? Well, we think we saved the coolest thing for last.

We love coloring books and all fans of coloring, which is why we put together a selection of some of our favorite coloring pages, from across all of our coloring books, and put them together in one huge list. Best of all this compilation of 52 coloring designs is completely free! You will receive one coloring page every week for a year delivered straight to you email. That means no more having to go shopping for coloring book after coloring book.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of the coolest adult coloring pages out there and as always, Happy Coloring!

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