Retirement Homes Love Adult Coloring Books?

In the olden times, coloring books were just for kids. More recently, some brilliant minds thought of introducing coloring books to adults. Surprisingly today, coloring books have even become a bigger fad with the elderly.

Yes, we are talking grandmothers, grandfathers and maybe even great grandmothers too. It turns out that retirement homes are in love with adults coloring books!

The Number One Problem in Retirement Homes

Adult Coloring Books for SeniorsThey say that the number one problem in retirement homes is (drum roll please) boredom. Yes, boredom. It does not sound much of a problem, does it? Well, apparently, boredom is the root of all (if not most) evil at least in the home for the elderly. Boredom makes our dear grandmas and grandpas feel agitated. It makes them feel sad. It makes them long for their families who left them.

This leads to depression which then leads to complication of their health. Nurses and caregivers work hard to keep the elderly preoccupied and entertained. However, it is not always an easy thing to do given the limited number of activities that they can prepare for the elderly. Nurses cannot simply just ask the old ones to play sports, run around or go swimming considering their age.

The Discovery of Adults Coloring Books

Luckily, one day, someone discovered adults coloring books and introduced them to the senior homes. Adults coloring books publishers even created a version for the elderly. They made the patterns bigger so those with eye problems will not have a hard time coloring. They also made versions with simpler pictures so it will be good for those with dementia. It is amazing what the simple adults coloring books changed the way things were in some of the retirement homes who adopted them.

The Elderly People are Happier

The elderly has less idle time. They are mostly pre-occupied with coloring that there is less time to think about anything else. Their minds are focused with the task on hand. Each task they finish gives them a feeling of fulfillment. As a result, they end up generally happier.

The Seniors are Given a Venue to Socialize

Adult Coloring Book Sets in Retirement HomesNurses and caregivers would print out supersized coloring pages such that three to four persons can work together to color one single masterpiece. It becomes an activity for grandmothers and grandfathers to get together, talk about how they will attack their masterpiece and then color on together. This togetherness also helps them feel less lonely which is very helpful especially since their families are not with them.

Grandmas and Grandpas Feel Relaxed

Similar to the effect of coloring to adults, coloring also helps grandmas and grandpas feel relaxed. Coloring is very therapeutic.  The seniors spend their time engrossed in the activity that their minds are taken off their day to day dilemmas especially their illness.

The Seniors Are Healthier

All the happiness, the relaxation, the socializing brought about by the simple coloring activity result to healthier grandmothers and grandfathers. They are more excited to wake up and face another day. They are more energized to fight their illness each day.

The Nurses and Caregivers are Also Happier

Adult Coloring Pages for SeniorsA happy grandma or a happy grandpa is equal to happy nurses and caregivers. Since the elderly are less agitated and are mostly in a good mood, the work to take care of them also becomes a lot easier. When everybody is happy, the retirement home is just filled with positive vibes that makes it a better place to live in.

Of course, this positive vibe does not necessarily have to be just in the retirement homes. If you have grandmothers or grandfathers, why not bring this good vibes to them as well? Even if they live with you or in their own houses, we are sure that boredom strikes them from time to time.

If we were you, we will shop the latest coloring books and color pens (make sure that they are senior friendly!) and send these to them right away. We are sure they will thank you not only for the color books but also helping them color their lives brightly once again! Happy coloring!

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