The Hottest Selling Adult Coloring Books on Amazon

Adult Coloring BooksAdult coloring books are more than just a fad these days. It has evolved into something of a cultural phenomenon, wherein people who used to think coloring is for children now openly color during their spare time.


Who ever thought adults would open up to the idea of shading in a couple of designs and patterns like a grade school student? And who ever thought people would actually consider it as a hobby? Considering how advanced our gadgets are nowadays, it’s a refreshing change of pace to see people using their hands on anything other than a smart phone or a tablet. The real reason why coloring books for adults became such a hit is its therapeutic benefits. Sure, actual doctors wouldn’t consider it therapy, but there’s no denying the fact that this activity is relaxing. It allows you to get in touch with your artsy side, without the pressure of having to complete an actual artwork. You can easily get lost in your thoughts while filling in those pre-drawn images. And what makes adult coloring books stand out is how their patterns are so intricate.

These aren’t the kinds of drawings you would let your kid color.

Some Books Even Get A Bit Potty Mouthed :)

Swear Word Adult Coloring BookIn fact, some publishers take the “adult theme” a few steps further by adding a touch of vulgarity or maturity to their books. Unsurprisingly, adult coloring books with sexual motifs are massive hits in terms of sales. The same can be said for adult coloring books that express anger through stylized cussing. Words that would usually be censored from television shows and movies are displayed in full view – free to be colored by stressed out adults. Today we’re gonna talk about a few best sellers from Amazon, but we’re not going to include those books we described above, ‘cause we figured you’d have a blast discovering them on your own. Besides, your kids might get curious and take a peek while you’re coloring, so you might as well be careful.


If you’re looking for really attractive coloring books for adults, we suggest taking a little virtual stroll in Amazon, because they usually have a nice selection – and you can conveniently purchase them online. The ones from Creatively Calm Studios are some of the most visually pleasing among the ones you’ll find there. The books are presented with both simplicity and elegance – something you would surely enjoy, and something your children will probably find boring enough to steer clear from.

There are coloring books on animals, nature, various sceneries, and intricately-patterned geometric designs. You can’t go wrong with the coloring books from Creatively Calm Studios. We also suggest Secret Garden: the pioneer of this strange cultural phenomenon remains among the best sellers in Amazon. People who are only starting out on coloring might want to see where it all began.

Good Vibes Coloring Book is also a decent alternative, seeing how it is one of the most colorful options, as well as one of the most affordable. Which book you choose isn’t actually a big deal, so long as you try to enjoy what’s inside.

Try to use these best selling Amazon adult coloring books for your own stress-busting needs.

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