How to Turn Your Adult Coloring Sheets into Stunning Coasters

Coloring helps adults relax – it’s a proven fact. The reason this trend is so enduringly popular is because it helps people calm their minds, while also focusing on something fun and productive. Coloring pages can really help clear your head.

But what do you do with those adult coloring sheets once you’re done filling them in? Surely you can’t just compile all those books and all those works of art and let them gather dust in a corner somewhere in your house. The great thing about these pages is that the fun and creativity doesn’t end after you’re done choosing and applying the colors. Once you’re done coloring, you’re left with dozens of great-looking images that you can repurpose anyway you wish.

You can use them as greeting cards, as gift wrap, as wall art – the possibilities are endless. But one of the most common ways people use their finished adult coloring sheets is by making their own coasters. If you have those finished artwork lying around, you can try it out yourself. Today we will show you how.

How to RelaxColoring in itself is a fine hobby. But the beauty of it is that you can push it further to create something even more beautiful – through crafting!

The reward of making a DIY coaster using your coloring pages is both functional and pretty. You can use wood or old ceramic tiles, but we’ll discuss that further later, as we talk about how to transform your adult coloring sheets into something more useful.

But before that, what exactly is a coaster? No, it’s not the vehicle we’re talking about. Coasters are small, circular (or squared) items that can be used to rest beverages upon. It is also known as a drink coaster, a beverage coaster, or even a beer mat. These handy items protect the surface of a table (or any other surface for that matter) where the user might place a beverage. You know how some tables get ugly, circular marks when a wet object is placed on it? You can avoid those using a coaster.

Just a bit of trivia, did you know that some people collect coasters as a hobby? This is called tegestology, and the people who collect coasters are called tegestologists.

Isn’t it exciting that you can actually sell your DIY coasters to people who love these collectible items? Who knew you could make a profit out of it? But it’s perfectly fine if you simply want to make coasters for yourself. Maybe you can even give them away to some of your friends. It’s a unique and interesting present, and here’s how to make your own.

Coloring BooksBefore you start, you must prepare the following items: two finished coloring pages (a finished coloring page at least 8.5 x 8.5 inches will also do); 4 small squares of wood or ceramic tiles about 4 x 4 inches in size; a spray adhesive; an x-acto knife; some Mod Podge; a foam brush; and a clear acrylic spray. Now, to make these table-saving beauties, all you have to do is prepare those materials and get working. The first step is to cut your coloring pages a fraction larger than the base (this refers to the wooden or ceramic tiles you are using), at least .25 inches all around. If there’s a specific pattern or design you want to highlight in the coaster, now might be the perfect time to center it and cut the edges.

Spray both the front of the board and the back of your coloring page with the spray mount, and then place the coloring page on the table face down. Center the board and
Creative Uses For Your Adult Coloring Pagesplace it directly onto the page while pressing firmly to make sure it sticks. Use the x-acto knife to trim off any excess paper from around the base. Of course, since your adult coloring page is not waterproof, you will want to cover it with a few coats of Mod Podge. This will make it water resistant (at least enough to resist the wet base of your glass or beverage). Mod Podge is a decoupage medium that helps in this DIY craft.

When it’s dry and settled, your coaster is all done! Enjoy making as many as you want.

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