5 Essentials for Adult Coloring Book Fans

Can’t get enough of coloring?

Well, you’re in luck, because today, we will be talking about some of the essential items that adult coloring book fans should absolutely have. We can focus on different coloring materials on this article, but there are too many kinds, too many brands, and too many models to choose from, in order to pick only five. We’re gonna have to save that topic for another day. So instead, we’ll be focusing on some of the best adult coloring books you could possibly own!

If you’re a coloring aficionado, you should know that these are the kinds of books you can’t afford to miss. They’ll make perfect additions to your collection, and will definitely live up to your expectations.

You can also use these as gifts to some of your friends who are fans of adult coloring books. They’ll surely appreciate any of these. It wouldn’t hurt to grab all five different books either – they’re just that much fun!

So without further ado, let’s get started on the 5 essentials for adult coloring book fans.

The Mindfulness Coloring Book

Mindfulness Coloring Book


The Mindfulness Coloring Book by Emma Farrarons is a step up the “relaxation benefits” scale. If your regular adult coloring book can help you clear your head and get rid of your stress, this book is even better at doing that job. It takes stress relief to a whole new level, thanks to the unique designs and patterns contained within.

Described as an “Anti-Stress Art Therapy for Busy People,” it is the perfect gift for friends who are interested in taking up coloring but don’t have the time. If you’re a fan of adult coloring books, this should make a good addition to your book stash, because it promotes a healthy mind and spirit.

We all know how coloring can reduce your anxiety. This book takes it further by presenting you with pre-drawn images that are free from distracting themes. It is full of soothing waves and geometric patterns that keep you “mindful” throughout the experience.

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom Adult Coloring Book


The Animal Kingdom adult coloring book almost looks similar to the Secret Garden book that started it all. Remember that innocent coloring book that was meant for older children, which ended up on the tables of stressed-out adults? That’s Secret Garden. Looking at the Animal Kingdom gives that familiar vibe – it will no doubt be a good addition to your growing collection.

This book by Millie Marotta is subtitled “Color Me, Draw Me” – which is exactly what you’ll be doing with it. There are lots of free spaces that you can use to add to the whole naturalistic scenery present within the book.

Speaking of Millie Marotta, this woman is one of the illustrators who have hit it big with the help of the adult coloring book trend. She is known for creating images with lovely, clean patterns. Oftentimes she uses animalistic motifs for her designs, and that’s exactly what you will find in Animal Kingdom.

I <3 My Hair

I Love My Hair Adult Coloring Book


I <3 My Hair (read as “I love my hair”) is a unique and interesting entry to the adult coloring book craze. Instead of focusing on natural designs or geometric patterns, it highlights the mesmerizing beauty of a person’s hair. It features a lot of hairstyles, and it unapologetically presents every single one of them in a manner that will please people who love their locks. It is a coloring book of “braids, coils, and doodle dos,” as author Andrea Pippins describes.

With its odd but admittedly pretty topic of interest, this adult coloring book will surely find a good place amongst your existing ones.

Coloring for Grown-Ups

Coloring For Grownups


This “Adult Activity Book” pokes fun at the idea of adults using coloring books. Years ago we would have thought this to be odd, but now adult coloring books are a full-blast trend. And now we can just joke about how we all fell in love with this creative hobby.

This coloring book by Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen takes the ridiculousness of the situation and makes the most out of it by injecting humor into every page. The themes are inherently adult, exploring topics such as romance, dating, and health insurance. If coloring can’t bust your stress, then the comedy will.

Secret Garden Artists Edition

Secret Garden Artists Edition


We’ve mentioned Secret Garden earlier. It’s the book by Johanna Basford that helped launch a new (and enduring) trend. Did you know that Secret Garden has an Artists Edition that sports more complicated designs for the most creative fans out there? This coloring book is one-sided, meaning they are designed to be removed, or even framed or repurposed.

If you can’t get enough of Secret Garden, then this is perfect for you.

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