Coolest Thing You’ll See Today? Check Out This Human Canvas

We’ve all heard about adult coloring books before, especially since they’ve become the latest trend to hit the markets on a global scale. But not all of us have heard of adults being used as coloring books!

If you were having a bad day, or just a particularly boring one, we’re sure you would appreciate this video of a man being used as a canvas. Watch it, and we’re sure you’ll thank us later. Even if you were already having a good day, this video will definitely put an even bigger smile on your face.


Human Canvas


Art has always existed in this world. Heck, we can argue that the world is one big art work. But as humans evolved, so did our art. Our creativity soared as we moved into the modern days of our existence. Our art transformed into something with more meaning, something that can please what the eyes could not see…something that can only be understood by the heart.

With the rise of modern technology came the rise of art and all its forms. We humans, as creative creatures began using these innovations in order to create new things, with new styles, and new techniques. We began opening up to another world of possibilities – one that transcends the canvas, the paper, the rock, the wood, and the stage. We created art out of high-tech gizmos. We gave soul to a lifeless being.

Nowadays, it is so much easier to show your talents to the world. A single video can be uploaded in a matter of minutes, and it could gain as much feedback as you can possibly imagine within a span of days. Such is the power of the internet.

And that is why it is so often that we witness breath-taking talent such as the one that appeared in a video posted by the YouTube user known as “ArtistJodySteel”. Created by the artist herself, the video is entitled “A 3D Timelapse Drawing by Jody Steel”.


About the Video


If you haven’t watched it yet....what are you waiting for - click the play button above! In this video of the artist drawing on the back of a human male, essentially using it as a canvas of sorts. And while painting on people is nothing original, Jody Steel makes use of Time Lapse to showcase her talent in a matter of minutes – something that would have taken too long and bored everyone out of their minds (since we all have short attention spans nowadays, and that’s something we can blame technology for, but a minor side effect nonetheless).

The time lapse video shows Jody drawing a variety of images on the man’s back, starting with a very detailed eyeball, and then adding a bunch of other images surrounding it. She draws chain-like items, swirling patterns and cloud-like circles, all falling into a three-dimensional hole in the middle of the subject’s back. Lastly, she draws her own name as a signature, before the man turns around to smile for the camera.



It’s an experience that is better witnessed than described, so we still recommend watching it firsthand.

She gives credit to Greg Gatsby for the music used in the video which is entitled “Circus Time” and features singer Camila.

Near the end of the video, a link is shown: patreon.com/jodysteel. If you follow that, you’ll be in a website wherein you can show your support for the talented artist.


About Jody Steel

Jody Steel


Jody Steel is a viral artist – that’s what we call anyone whose content have gotten people stirring. And her time-lapsed videos are definitely stirring. She’s oozing with talent and creativity, and it shows in every single one of her videos. One of her most popular vids involves her drawing a Batman-themed 3D art on another human canvas.

She is currently living in Los Angeles and is pursuing a career as both an artist and a filmmaker.

“Every week, I attempt to release a new time lapse drawing. Recently, I hit a new milestone, receiving 16 million views on facebook with my Batman timelapse,” she wrote on the website. “My Facebook following is almost at half a million and is growing! With your support, I can better achieve this goal and do it at a higher quality. With the funds, I will also be able to create more original content—including tattoo designs, commissioned artwork, and films.”

She’s a testament to how well art has transformed over the years. We can be sure that it will continue growing as time passes by. Art is infinitely growing, after all.

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