Are You Using Your Adult Coloring Book Correctly?

Adult Coloring has been around for at least three years now – that’s exactly how long the trend has been going on, and it doesn’t look like the interest will be fading soon. So if you’re one of the people who like coloring for relaxation, you can be sure that this activity will be gaining more fans, and you’ll have even more people who can relate to you.

Yes, it’s a bit strange and rather surreal that adults are going for a hobby that seems to be exclusive for children – but who knew we would all be having this much fun?

Adult coloring books are similar to the children’s version in many ways. The key difference here is that the pre-drawn images in our coloring books are more detailed, and more intricate. We’re talking about complicated drawings that kids wouldn’t enjoy so much because they’re too difficult to fill in properly. Also, being adults, we have better motor skills, so our drawings always come out looking generally more presentable.

And while we’re surely capable of creating colorful masterpieces using simple coloring tools, there’s still that small possibility that you’re not using your adult coloring book properly. At the very least, you might not be using your adult coloring book to its fullest capacity.

Here are some ways that you can enhance your overall coloring experience.

Focus on the Adult Coloring Activity

Coloring For Grownups


You’re probably doing this for stress-busting purposes, other than simply trying to make use of your spare time. So if you’re not focused on the activity, you might not be reaping all of its benefits. Try to stop thinking about all of your troubles for a moment and focus your mind on the simple act of filling in the white spaces.

It’s effective for keeping your worries at bay, thus clearing your head and giving you time to breathe. It’s not like you’re running away from your problems. You are giving yourself time to relax and come up with better, more intelligent solutions.

Coloring is so effective, that some people call it “art therapy” – although experts wouldn’t go that far. Still, it’s a great way to spend your time, instead of adding to your mental burden by over thinking every problem. Focus on this little hobby and you’ll be doing your health a huge favor.

Use Your Creativity

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It’s not an adult coloring book for nothing! You are free to use up all your creativity, so show off all the skills you’ve learned since you last held a coloring book. The world is your oyster. Make art out of these difficult designs. Try different shading techniques to add depth to your coloring pages.

This activity is not only good for relaxing your brain, it’s also good for stimulating your artistic side. Go ahead and explore all the possibilities that your coloring materials can provide you. Who says you have to stick with the plain old, flat drawings all the time?

Use Other Coloring Materials

Adult Coloring Tools


Speaking of coloring materials, feel free to experiment on different tools to really bring life to each page. No one’s going to judge you for using crayons. We also suggest using gel pens, because they make bright and colorful results, albeit a bit flatly. But they provide vivid and visually pleasing results.

No one’s stopping you from using watercolor, but it’s going to be tough filling in those complex designs and patterns with a paintbrush. This is where your creativity should flow. Also, make sure to tear off the page if you feel like using watercolor, because you will surely get every other page of your coloring book wet.

Use pencils, use metallic pens, use whatever else you feel might be suitable.

Color With Your Friends

Adult Coloring is a Social Activity


The good thing about using adult coloring books is that you can use it with your equally enthusiastic friends. It’s a social activity, if not a personal one. You’ll have a blast listening to each other’s stories while coloring and passing the time. It’s a great and relaxing activity that will leave you refreshed and energized afterward.

If you’re coloring alone and you’re still feeling stressed, you may wanna try coloring with your friends.

Other than the coloring book’s naturally relaxing qualities, you’ll also have a support system who will willingly listen to you vent! Coloring has never been more mature.

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