5 Neat Tricks To Make Your Coloring Pop

Are you about to work on your next coloring page? If you are, then STOP RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT! Hold on to your adult coloring pencils and just stop for a few minutes to read this blog. We will just take around five minutes of your time but we are sure that you are going to thank us after!

Before you start working on your next project, read this first. We have researched and read through a lot of the different coloring tips and tricks and we have compiled the top five of the neatest tricks to help you take your coloring to the next level.

Use Baby Oil To Blend Colors from Your Adult Coloring Pencils

Adult Coloring Tips

Instead of buying a colorless blender pencil, just use baby oil to enable you to color over your medium and soften the edges to get that smooth blended look. Start by filling the surface with a light layer of color. Then, get a cotton swab and dip it in baby oil. Blot the cotton swab on a paper towel to take out excess oil.

Then, lightly rub the oil into the color. You should be able to smoothen the texture like water color. Then, do the reverse.  Get your adult coloring pencils and start shading on top of the oil to get that velvety look.

Dot Them Up

adult coloring

One other method that helps make your coloring pop is adding your own patterns in your masterpiece. You just have to follow the existing lines of your coloring design with a series of dots preferably in a contrasting color. This adds another layer in your coloring page which instantly lifts the flat color. It is also guaranteed to be very attractive to the eye. It something very easy and simple but it goes a long way!

Highlight with White Lights

You can also make your coloring design look much more intricate by adding highlights. The crowd’s favorite is using white highlights. Simply get a tiny brush, dip it with a little bit of white paint and then add the last few details. If you do not have white paint, correction fluids (yes, the squeezable white correction pens) will also work! Using white gel pen ink over white color pencil also instantly brightens your piece. Remember, highlights are just single strokes and dabs.

Do not over do it!

Make a Mark with Markers

Using markers is also another great way to make the colors in your design stand out. Before you try this out though, similar to using paint, make sure that you remove the coloring page or insert a thick board behind the page so the ink would not bleed. It is important that you remember this or else there is a big chance that your drawing might be ruined (so do not every forget, okay?).

A lot of people prefer to use markers to outline the design then use adult coloring pencils or wax crayons to fill up the surface. This works great in trying to add another dimension in your drawing. Some would also use markers to create additional patterns on top of the design (see Tip number 2).  Others use markers to really just fill the space. Whatever way you choose, the color thickness from the markers will surely add a vibrant vibe to your design.

Blending Techniques Using Vaseline

Similar to Tip Number 1, you can also blend colored pencils using Vaseline. Vaseline is a little bit easier to handle than baby oil since it is not liquid. It also gives a dewy finish look. Not only is it very nice to use for blending but it is also a good way to soften the core of your pencil to get a more vibrant color. So there you have it!

These are the top five neatest tricks and best practices that we got from different people all over the world. These are tested and proven to work so try them in your next project and see how it helps you make your design even more eye-catching and make your coloring really really pop. Remember, if it does work for you, let us and others know. Together, let us make this world a more colorful place!

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