4 Incredible Ways to Display Your Finished Adult Coloring Pages

Adult coloring books are all the rage these days. It’s not like it’s a new trend or something. It’s actually been around for quite some time now – and its popularity is continuously rising. It’s true that many people enjoy filling in those adult coloring pages.

If you ask any of them why, they’ll tell you it’s relaxing, and that it helps them feel creative without any of the actual pressure that burdens other artists.

We suggest you try it out and experience all of its benefits yourself. We could go on and on about all of the advantages you’ll get over the other adults who don’t color at all, but instead we will focus on answering another common question that adults have: what do I do with all these adult coloring pages after I’m done with them? 

Adult coloring is more than just filling in those intrinsic, pre-drawn images with a crayon, a pencil, or a pen: you can use your finished product for a bunch of other purposes!

Here are 4 Incredible Ways to Display You Finished Adult Coloring Pages!

Snap a Picture and Post it Online!

Animal Adult Coloring Books


What’s the use of social media if you can’t brag about all your latest endeavors? All your friends should absolutely know about your latest hobby, adult coloring that is, so that they can join in on your fun! This is by far the best way to show off your creative coloring skills: by taking a picture of it and posting online!

Now there are apps that let you color through your phone, but using actual coloring materials with your own hands is a far different experience. Still, you can use your smart phone, tablet, or any other gadget to snap a pic of your masterpiece and share it with all of your friends on social media.

Try posting it on Instagram, to instantly receive feedback from your followers, or maybe post it on Pinterest so that it reaches the people who love seeing works of art made by adults who color, just like you. It’s all about finding the right audience, and sharing your talent to them. Sometimes it’s good to hear all the positive comments of the people around us, even if they are on the web. It gives you an extra dose of happiness.

If your audience is just one friend who is supportive of your hobby, Snapchat might be a better app for you to try.

Use them as Wall Art!

Adult Coloring Art


You’ll be pleased to know that even without the internet, you can still showcase your finished adult coloring pages. Quite simply, you can use them as wall art!

It is art after all, and art is meant to be showcased physically. Even without the digital alternative, your finished products can still be appreciated through wall art. Line up your work on top of a wooden panel or board, spray both the front of the board and the back of your coloring page with spray mount, and then stick them together. Press down firmly, and you should get a more solid version of your page.

If you don’t have a wooden panel, cardboard should do just fine, but make sure to present it nicely. Use your creativity! With a small knife or cutter, trim the excess bits of paper off the edges to make a nice finished product that you can hang up a wall using a frame.

If you’re using a thick board, you can most likely go without a frame.

Send Out Your Greetings!

Adult Coloring Greeting Cards


This is much simpler than trying to prepare a piece of wall art. Simply cut out the edges of your adult coloring page, making sure to keep all the details intact, and then paste it onto a cardboard, or a folder. Cut off those excess edges, fold it up nicely and send out your warmest greetings to all your loved ones!

You can use it as a birthday card, as a thank you note, or even a love letter! Every message is made sweeter when your creativity is highlighted.

Wrap Your Gifts!

Coloring Gift Wrap


Adult coloring pages make lovely gift wrappers. They are simple, yet incredibly patterned. It will make every gift you send out even more special, because the recipient will know that you took time and effort to fill in those little details in the image.

It’s similar to the above-mentioned option, wherein you send out your love by transforming those pages into greeting cards. The only difference is that you wrap the drawing around a thoughtful present. It gives the message more impact.

It not only displays your creative talents, it also transforms your gift into something unique and amazing.

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