3 Ways To Ensure your Gel Pens Display Perfectly

When we are working on our coloring books for adults, we strive to perfect our masterpiece. We aim to get the most beautiful color scheme and the perfect stroke when coloring.  There are actually a lot of things that can affect the quality of our color design. One of them, believe it or not, is how we display our gel pens.

It may not be very popular many but displaying your gel pens can affect the quality of your coloring. However, you need not worry because we have already done the leg work for you. We have read through all other blogs about coloring books for adults. We have consulted with the gel pen manufacturers and experts.

We have done all these research to identify the top three ways that will help you display your gel pens perfectly.

Adult Coloring Tip Number 1:
Display Your Gel Pens Horizontally

Gel pens

If you usually keep your pens vertically, lay them down horizontally, immediately. We repeat, immediately. You should display your gel pens horizontally with the cap safely put on.  This helps ensure that your gel pens do not crap out. This will make the ink have a continuous flow that enables you to write or color smoothly.

The ink of gel pens is too thick that if you store them vertically, the ink will soon pool at the tip of the pen. This results to uneven ink flowing out through the pen tip making your coloring inconsistent. Actually, we also did find some blogs who recommended storing gel pens vertically especially because it really saves space. However, manufacturers said that the best practice is to store gel pens laying down.

Adult Coloring Tip Number 2:
Keep Your Pens at Room Temperature

Gel pens

Just to be clear, room temperature is about twenty to twenty-two degrees Celsius or sixty-eight to seventy-two degrees Fahrenheit.  

During the summer, do not keep your pens near the window if you do not have curtains to block out the sun. If you bring your pens and coloring books for adults wherever you go, make sure that you do not leave your pens in your bag inside the car.

During the winter, do not leave your pens out in the snow (if you bring your pens out for some reason) for a long time.  Exposing your pens in either very high or very low temperature will cause the ink from your gel pens either heat up or freeze down. In any way, this will result to inconsistent ink flow which makes your coloring uneven and makes your gel pens annoying to use!

Adult Coloring Tip Number 3:
Find Ergonomic Gel Pen Displays

Gel Pen displays

There are actually a lot of gel pen displays available in the internet, your nearest craft shops or you can even make one for yourself. When you buy or create your gel pen displays, you can choose any design that you want, any color that you desire and whatever size you want. However, there are two things that are non-negotiable when it comes to displays. Number one, your display should be able to store your gel pens horizontally (see Tip Number 1 if you want to know why).

There are even displays which allow you store pens vertically and horizontally.  This will be the best choice especially if you use different coloring materials (gel pens, markets, color pencils etc). Number two, make sure that your chosen container does not only display your pens nicely but also makes it easy for you to get your pens.  When you color, you want to spend your time in peace and tranquility rather than struggling to get and return a gel pen each time you need to change a color.

Once you get these two things checked, you are now free to choose the cutest design in your most favorite color. There you have it! These are the top three ways to ensure that you store your gel pens perfectly so that your coloring also goes smoothly.

Remember, 1 - Display your pens horizontally 2 – Keep your pens at room temperature and 3 - find an ergonomic display. You just need to remember these three things and then you are good to go!

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