Adult Coloring Books - Animals, Geometric Shapes with Mandala Designs and Scenery

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Adult Coloring Books Animals
For our Animal Adult Coloring Book we wanted to display the techniques and designs from designers that interact with animals in nature on a more regular basis than someone from a city like New York or Los Angeles.

With this in mind, we hired out two designers from Africa and another one from South America to give us truly meaningful stress-relieving patterns from each region; as well as their own personal perspective for each animal they choose to draw for this coloring book for adults.

The end result? A soothing and artistically beautiful set of adult coloring designs inspired to turn a 15-minute coloring session into an hour one in the blink of an eye!

Mandala Coloring Book
For our Geometric Shape Adult Coloring Book (which includes over 20 mandala designs) we wanted to show the world all of the intricate details of Mandala patterns and other complex shapes in a single 40 image coloring book. The stress-relieving patterns in this book were designed by two well-respected artists (one is from India the other is from Thailand).

We could not be more pleased with how these designs came out. With beginner, intermediate and advanced geometric shapes to color in our customers get to truly challenge themselves. Whether this is your first adult coloring pages attempted or your 100th; Here at Creatively Calm Studios we wanted to make sure you have a blast no matter what your artistic skill level is!

Adult Coloring Books: Scenery
For our last book in the Creatively Calm Adult Coloring Book Set, we decided to go with a Scenery based book. This adult coloring book is filled with some of the most beautiful scenes our designers could imagine. We had three very special artists work on this book; one being from Canada, another being from the UK and the last being from right here in the US.

If you thought the Secret Garden Coloring Book was fun; you haven't seen anything yet! The incredible detail and vivid scenery would make the author of the enchanted forest coloring book blush :)

We took each designer’s opinion to heart for the stress relieving scenes chosen for this book and allowed them the “freedom” to design the scenes as they perfectly imagined or scenes loosely based on some of their favorite locations they have personally been to. The end result was some of the best adult coloring pages our customers have ever had the pleasure of coloring.


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