The Top Star Wars Adult Coloring Books


If we were to go on the street and take a poll asking adults what their favorite movie was, or the most important movie in their life was, there is a good chance that the original Star Wars franchise would roll off the tongues of many.

The fact is that when Star Wars: A New Hope came out in 1977 it blew the minds of a majority of the people who saw it. Spaceship fights, lightsabers, attractive alien princesses, and the Force, the Star Wars trilogy had it all and it’s easy to understand why it captivated the imagination of those who saw it and earned an eternal place in their hearts. In order to help you continue your love affair with the Star Wars franchise here are the top 3 Star Wars coloring books on the market...there has never been a better way to create that rainbow lightsaber you’ve always wanted.

Star Wars Coloring Book: Good And Evil Characters by Anna Wilson


This is a great coloring book for a Star Wars fan of any age. Inside you will find 50 designs printed onto one sided pages that span the entirety of the first and second generations of the franchise. You have the opportunity to color in your favorite characters like Obi Wan, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, and Darth Vader.

A really great feature of this coloring book is that the pages are all perforated which means that after completing your coloring you can easily remove it from the book and display for all your fellow Star Wars fans to see.

Art Of Coloring Star Wars: Rogue One by Disney Book Group


Whether you love them or hate them the new generation of Star Wars movies are here to stay and with them some pretty sweet effects that we wish were around for the first generation. This coloring book is a great way to get a little more familiar with the general storyline and characters of the new generation of Star Wars movies.

In this adult coloring book you will find 126 designs inspired by the Rogue One movie for you to color. The good news is that there is a good selection of detailed and less detailed designs so you can choose based on your mood, this also makes this coloring book great to color with someone who is younger and just getting introduced to the franchise.

On the negative side even though in this book there are a ton of designs to color they are printed on both sides of the page and the paper used is not of the highest quality which means that if you decide to use anything other than pencils you will get bleed through. This also makes it difficult to remove your favorite designs and display them.

Art Of Coloring Star Wars by Catherine Saunier-Talec and Anne Vallet


This is a crowd favorite and it happens to be our favorite Star Wars coloring book as well. This coloring book features 100 pages of double sided Star Wars related designs inspired by the first 2 generations of Star Wars movies (no Rogue One designs here). Like the other Art Of Coloring book this one also uses lower quality paper with which you will experience bleed through if you decide to use markers.

The good news is that the designs in this coloring book are in our opinion the best on the market. The authors have done a great job of incorporating Star Wars characters and motifs and with them created patterns like mandalas that are common in other coloring books. This really helps take this coloring book from just a Star Wars coloring book to a truly adult version with which you can get some art therapy benefits and help reduce your stress.

We hope that you enjoyed this list and may the Force be with you :)

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