The Best Jungle Adult Coloring Books


Jungles are full of life and color and for that reason make an amazing subject for adult coloring books. Over the last few years there have been a good number of coloring books released focusing on this subject and we decided to highlight our three favorites so you can spend less time researching and more time actually coloring these lovely coloring books.

Ayahuasca Jungle Visions: A Coloring Book


This is a coloring book and an epic tale all mixed into one. While the book is filled with 112 pages of beautiful coloring designs, these designs also tell the story of the artist’s journey into the Amazon and the amazing visions he had while there. The designs are printed single sided with the exception of a short verse on the back of every page. The designs are a mix of highly detailed, and less detailed and more beginner friendly designs.

The designs in this coloring book are printed on very thin paper which will bleed through if you use anything other than pencils to color. That being said the designs are single sided so by placing a sheet of cardstock between the pages you can protect the other designs if you do decide to use markers.

Magical Jungle: An Inky Expedition and Coloring Book for Adults


This is one of the original coloring books by Johanna Basford that helped to start the adult coloring book craze and for good reason. This coloring book includes 88 pages featuring designs on both sides of the page. While this tends to be the downfall of many coloring books the paper used in this particular book is very thick and can handle just about any water based marker.

The designs in this lovely adult coloring book are perfect for both beginners and more experienced colorists. Those looking for detail will find pages filled with detailed leaves and trees while those looking for a faster design to complete will find a good number of pages that leave plenty of room to add in your own details. The designs include all the subjects you would expect a good jungle coloring book to have such as large leaf plants and exotic animals.

Into The Jungle by Creatively Calm Studios

One of the newest additions to our family of coloring books, Into The Jungle is filled with 40 designs printed on some of the thickest paper used in the industry. Our designs are created by our team of artists which are located all over the world which makes for some truly unique coloring designs.

One of the best things about this coloring book is that it is actually a part of a 3 coloring book set. That means that for the same price you would normally pay for one coloring book you are actually getting three high quality coloring books with a grand total of 120 designs between them. Into The Jungle is filled with tons of lovely details that beautifully radiate the atmosphere of the jungle and you will have the chance to color rare plants and trees as well as exotic animals.

We hope that you enjoy these coloring books and as always Happy Coloring!

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