Is Using Crayons Still Practical

Just when you thought the hip craze of Adult Comedy Books have hit its peak, the artists and designers have again developed a more handy and clever technology-relevant way of coloring, through your screen!  Yes, lots of people have turned to their ipads, notebooks, phablets for online drawing books. Colouring-in such books has become a form of creativity for people with a wide range of artistic talents – often linked to the idea of mindfulness. With the ever constant digitalization, it’s not really a far-fetched idea to eventually convert visual sketches to digital lines and color  through digital interactive methods.

Convenience is really not a problem for the tech-savvy as these online adult coloring books can be downloaded and saved to your device; you can even create designs to color with. As technology progresses, thus the features of adult online coloring books. Online adult coloring nowadays can be done through an app, available through android or apple. As they say, necessity is the mother of ingenuity, as with any big trend, there are many who wish to cash in on colouring-in for grown-ups' popularity – and both online and high-street bookstores are awash with patterns and designs.

Adults young and old can easily express their mood without the need of canvass or prints, without the need to worry about coloring materials and the limited range in color. Online coloring adult pages have revolutionized the digital art from, simplifying the expression of art through the swipes of your fingertips, or just by the stroke of your stylus.

Technology is taking over

Adult Coloring Apps

Interestingly, mobile or handheld devices, regardless of their sizes, have paved the way for the fast paced lifestyle of the digital age, some conservative artisans have quite a reservation for these methods. To the more conventional, the sensation of using your favourite coloring tool is priceless. It has become part of your artisitic expression, wherein the tool tends to extend the bounds of your physicality.

It seems your thoughts flow freely from your mind down to the tip of the crayon, pen or brush. Do we consider adult online coloring books a threat to the artistic practice? Yes and no. Sometimes people forget the main reason of technology is to make things much simpler for us, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the more convenient way will always be the better way of expression. It is a subjective point of conversation.

The convenience together with the unrealistic sensation that digital interactions creates attracts the child in the adult consciousness.

The stereotype of coloring books

Adult Coloring

When you hear anything about coloring, or has to do with using colors to fill an image, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? For decades, people have used lots of means of coloring, but nothing is more popular and common than the crayon. It has been part of our childhood, just when we have just learned the primary colors, we have been avid in collecting all blends or hues there are to the wide color spectrum.

It has been the basic foundation of our coloring skills, where we began to discovery the coolness shading brings to the picture; it also served as the basis for the development of our coloring skills when we decided to use chalk, pens, or even oil. But technology never ceases to astound us; it has actually replicated the features of our handy crayon. Not to neglect the crayon, but apps and devices have done a good job in simulating the effect of using a crayon through the digital realm. It has even extended the spectrum range and colors exponentially, just imagine if we had access to these back then.

The interface is very easy and intuitive that we can swipe away the excess colors from borders or just simply pick a patch or polygon that we want to recolor in the picture.

Do we predict the extinction of conventional coloring tools? Certainly not. Adult coloring books are here to stay, and will be as long as there are traditional artisans or just hobbyists who prefer to do traditional methods over the digital medium. It not to say that using adult online coloring books is less thrilling and fun, it actually is enjoyable in every way.

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