Holi Celebration Adult Coloring Books


March is just around the corner and with it come longer days, more sunshine, warmth, and plenty of color, but best of all it’s Holi season! Holi is the Indian celebration for the beginning of Spring and it is celebrated through city wide festivals and the throwing of colorful powder at your fellow celebrators. It’s like paintball without the fear of being hit by a hard paintball, what could be better than that?

Well in celebration of the beginning of Spring and Holi we decided to find and review some of the most “Holi-fitting” coloring books on the market.These adult coloring books all relate to Indian culture somehow and feature designs that will look wonderful with tons of color!

Indian Art and Designs Adult Coloring Book


This adult coloring book features designs inspired by Indian culture and you will have the chance to color everything from mandalas, paisley swirls, and henna designs, to the Taj Mahal itself. The designs are printed single sided on regular CreateSpace quality paper and on the back of each design you will find a spiritual saying.

For this adult coloring book we recommend you use mainly colored pencils since markers will bleed through and damage the spiritual sayings on the back of the designs. If you do decide to use markers then make sure to place a spare piece of paper behind the design in order to soak up any extreme bleed through that could impact the next design.

A Passage to India Adult Coloring Book


This adult coloring book is perfect for colorists who are ready to experience Indian culture and are not afraid of some detail work. Between the covers you will find 62 pages of coloring designs each printed single sided with a fully blacked out back page in order to reduce bleed through. The paper quality is similar to that of other CreateSpace printed coloring book and we recommend sticking with colored pencils and using a spare piece of paper to soak up any bleed through that may occur despite the single sided printing.

The designs in this coloring book are slightly more detailed but are still widely accessible to all skill levels. You will find lots of designs that feature fun background designs that help support the main subject. Some of the designs also use heavy black lines that leave only fine details to color.

Vive Le Color India Adult Coloring Book


This adult coloring book features 72 beautifully detailed designs printed single sided on thick paper that allows you to safely color using not just pencils but pens and markers without having to worry about bleed through. A unique feature of this book is that it is spiral bound the top which makes it easy to color by both right and left hand dominant artists. The spiral binding also makes it easy to detach designs before or after coloring and proudly display them.

This coloring book is also great for coloring on the road due to its compact size and the thick cardboard backer pad which is specifically designed to allow you to color on your lap without sacrificing a hard surface. The designs themselves are inspired by Indian and Hindu motifs and feature plenty of details to keep even the most skilled colorists entertained. The designs in this coloring book will look wonderful when filled out in all the fantastic colors of Holi.

Henna Designs, Landmarks, and Butterflies and Flowers Adult Coloring Book Set


One of our original adult coloring book sets and one drawing inspiration directly from Indian designs you will find all the Holi themed goodness you want. In the first book of this set, Henna Designs, you will find 40 wonderful henna designs printed on some of the thickest paper on the market just waiting for your touch of color. In the second coloring book, Landmarks, you will have the chance to travel all over the world including famous Indian sighs like the Taj Mahal. Finally in Butterflies and Flowers you will get to color what Holi is all about, the coming of Spring in the form of beautiful flowers.

All together in this coloring book set you receive 120 coloring designs created by our team of designers and printed on some of the highest quality paper in the industry.

We hope that you enjoyed this Holi focused coloring book roundup and as always Happy Coloring!

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