Coloring Journals For Adults


Coloring journals are a great way to keep track of your day, create to do’s, or just jot down a random thought and have a place to color and relax from all those lists of things you have to get done today.

We love coloring journals because they combine everything you need to get through the day and offer a place for you to put down all those things that might be stressing you out, and on the next page give you a place for you to shed that stress through coloring.

Journaling is a great practice to get into on its own. It gives you the opportunity to get all those buzzing thoughts out of your head and on paper because your brain is a factory, not a warehouse. Here are some of our favorite coloring journal options that will help you keep your life organized and calm with every turn of the page.

Believe In Yourself Adult Coloring Journal by Peter Pauper Press


This 160 page journal includes 10 pages that feature beautiful full page coloring designs. The rest of the pages are either fully reserved for your lists and notes, or have little designs in one of the corners for you color. The notes pages are lightly lined allowing you to still draw on them if you so wish without having glaring lines cut through your designs.

An awesome feature of this coloring journal is the hard front cover and the elastic band. The cover helps keep your pages from bending in your bag and the elastic band is very useful if you decide to keep any other notes, pictures, or coloring pages between the covers of your journal. The pages are made of heavyweight paper which is great since it gives you the ability to do even more with your journal like glue on pictures and other crafty things.

Check out the Live, Love, Laugh version of this journal.

Another similar option is the Adult Coloring Journal by SDI

To Color Or Not To Color by Minted


This notebook is a great options if you would like a little bit more say in what you want in your journal. Minted gives you the ability to basically design your very own journal from what kind of pages you would like to use, to the type of binding, and even some little accessories you can add.

The cool thing is that they even give you the option to add photos to your pages. You can use this ability to add coloring designs that you found on the internet and create your very own coloring journal filled with as many coloring designs as you’d like and best of all, you know that the designs are ones that you like.

Create Your Own Coloring Journal


Slightly similar to the previous option but with even more freedom. You can easily create your very own coloring journal from scratch by using coloring designs you found on the internet and a simple notebook from your local store. Just print out the designs and glue them in your new notebook while allowing around 10 to 15 pages in between each design for your notes.

If you would like a more professional finish find a journal cover that features a 3 ring binder. You can then find notebook pages that you can hole punch and insert in this journal binder. Then print out your favorite designs on heavy cardstock, or print them out on normal paper and then glue them onto the cardstock. Hole punch those and insert them either in between the note pages or at the very back. The best part about this is that you can tailor your new coloring journal to your exact needs.

Happy coloring and note taking everyone :)

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