Color and Celebrate Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day


July 1st is the national Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day, which we had never heard of before until this year, but are absolutely thrilled that it exists. Even though July 1st has come and gone by now we thought it was important to observe this amazing and most important of holidays and are dubbing the entirety of July as Creative Ice Cream Flavors Month!

You may be wondering how you celebrate this holiday. Well this holiday exists in order to recognize the more obscure, yet oh so delicious, weird ice cream flavors. So during this month we encourage you to try something other than the regular vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry flavors of ice cream. As delicious as it is, we would ask you to even skip cookies and cream ice cream and go for something truly wacky.

Coloring and Ice Cream

Coloring and ice cream have a lot in common. First of all they both have a way of relaxing us and bringing us back to our childhood, a time filled with choco-tacos, cartoons, and coloring. They can also be very unique.

There is a crazy selection of different coloring pages out there, just check out our Pinterest page for some proof, and even though it may not be as easy to see based on your average grocery store’s selection, there are also thousands of different and extremely unique ice cream flavors.

This July we encourage you to put down that scoop of vanilla ice cream and head to your city’s local ice creamery and try a flavor you’ve never had before. Sit down and enjoy your new flavor adventure with your favorite coloring book. To help you out we decided to put together a helpful guide to the coloring books that pair the best of coloring and ice cream.

Ice Cream Inspiring Words by Shirley Krebs


This coloring book has a wonderful selection of 30 ice cream filled coloring pages that also feature inspiring quotes. The designs are printed on semi-thin paper so I would suggest using colored pencils exclusively since markers could bleed through the paper and ruin the design on the following page.

Overall the designs in this coloring book are a lot of fun but they do lack a bit in intricacy so I wouldn’t recommend them to experienced colorists looking for a challenge. That being said every page has plenty of space for you to bring your own creativity to the party and add in some fun designs.

Pies, Fries, and Ice Cream by Chronicle Books


We guarantee that this coloring book will have you salivating within minutes of turning the first page. Between the covers you will find 176 perforated pages with a mix of dessert designs created by 4 different artists. The perforated pages make it very easy to remove and display your completed colorings, or to remove your chosen design before coloring in order to remove the chance of bleed through ruining another design if markers are your coloring tool of choice.

Having 4 different artists supply the colorings adds a touch of uniqueness in every design since, while complimentary, every artists has a different style that keeps the designs from getting stale. This is a great pairing for a super unique ice cream flavor that keeps mixing things up on you.

Desserts Coloring Book For Adults by Tasty Desserts Coloring Books


This adult coloring book features 76 pages of coloring designs printed single sided on semi-thin paper. While the paper will bleed through, the single sided printing allows you to easily avoid damaging any of the other designs if you place a spare piece of paper behind the page you are coloring to soak up bleed through.

Although this coloring book does not focus exclusively on ice cream the designs are a lot of fun and offer some complexity which means that this will be an entertaining project even for experienced colorists. A perfect pairing for a fun ice cream flavor that keeps throwing unexpected jabs until the cup is empty.

This July don’t settle for simple vanilla and coloring, head out to your local ice cream parlor and enjoy a truly delicious ice cream off and on the page. Happy coloring everyone!

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