Awesome Earth Day Coloring Books


First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day is a time to reflect on what our planet has given us and show our support for the preservation of its beauty and all of its inhabitants. Celebrated every year on April 22nd in more than 193 countries by holding annual parades and even multinational events like the 1990 Everest Climb it is a tradition that has lasted decades and helped bring awareness to conservation efforts.

If you would like to celebrate Earth Day but can’t take the time off work to climb Everest no worries, we totally understand, so here are 4 colorings book with which to celebrate Earth Day this year!

National Parks Coloring Book by Dover


This coloring book may not have crazy intricate patterns or mandalas but it does have over 60 pages full of representations of some of the most beautiful nature scenes in the world: The National Parks of America. Color your way through Yellowstone, the first US National park, and dozens more like Big Bend, Gates of the Arctic, Grand Canyon, and Great Smoky Mountains. Best of all this coloring book has a short paragraph under every illustration so that you can not only color the parks but learn about them as well.

Like other Dover coloring books this one is printed front and back so we do not recommend using markers since the thin paper will allow bleed through. If you want to use markers or would like to frame your finished creations we suggest scanning the images and printing them out on thicker paper.

Beautiful Nature Grayscale by Nicole Stocker


Nature is amazingly complex and beautiful which is why grayscale coloring books like this one by Nicole Stocker are so great at showing its true beauty. Creating colorings that can show nature in its true form is extremely difficult since the shading required is out of this world, but grayscale coloring pages are a great way to “cheat” and create awesome colorings with the shading already printed in the design.

Inside this best seller you will find 48 grayscale photographs of flowers, plants and landscapes printed on one sided high quality paper that is also perforated so that you can easily remove your creations and hang them on your walls for a beautiful display.

Butterflies & Flowers, Henna Designs, and Landmarks by Creatively Calm Studios


This is one of our original coloring book sets and it is a great way to celebrate and appreciate everything that is great about our planet. The first coloring book - Butterflies and Flowers, is one of our pretties printings to date full of intricate flower and butterfly designs sure to delight.

Nature however is not the only thing that is great about our planet, there are a lot of man made things that are wonders of the Earth and the Landmarks coloring book in this set will help you visit them all.

Into The Jungle, Under The Sea, and Up In The Air by Creatively Calm Studios 


If you love animals and would like to celebrate this year’s Earth Day by coloring in the most wonderful of creatures then don’t look any further because our most recent coloring book set was made just for you. The three coloring books in this set are all about animals with each focusing in on a specific subset like fish or birds so you can work on your favorite animals.

Best of all working with any of our coloring book sets will be a joy because we use only the highest quality materials. We print our books on some of the thickest paper on the market in order to minimize bleed through and with 40 designs per coloring book (that’s 120 designs per set) you will have plenty of coloring pages to work on this year...and perhaps next.

Since we aren’t only interested in helping you color your way through our planet, but we actually care about it as well, we will donate a portion of our profits from every book to one of our wonderful charities.

Happy Earth Day and Happy Coloring!


joan monteserrato on May 01 2017 at 05:51PM

i have 3 coloring books (gel pens)henna designs.landmarks,butterflies andflowers.also 7 coloring books with pencils.yoir books are beautifull.im 87yrs.and just started again.thanks to my daughter.

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