Advanced Coloring Books And Intricate Coloring Pages That Will Blow Your Mind


Many coloring books on the market today are filled with images of flowers and animals and are easily accessible to just about anyone who wants to do some coloring. But what about those who have been coloring for years or those who just want a challenge from the get go? Well below you can find our top finds for some of the most advanced and intricate adult coloring pages on the market.

4. Fantastic Cities by Steve McDonald


This 60 page adult coloring book features images depicting urban scenes both real and imagined. Steve McDonald has traveled the world many times over and has collected his series of sketched in this book and out of them has created some of the most intricate and detailed coloring pages on the market. One of my favorite touches in this book is that below every image there is a small caption that tells you what city you are coloring.

Expect to spend many, many hours coloring this highly detailed coloring book. Before starting to color make sure that you have a selection of either ultra fine markers or well sharpened pencils close by because you will be reaching for them soon after opening the book. The only downside of this book is that the paper on which the images are printed is not the thickest and since images are printed on both sides of the paper it is highly likely that you will experience bleed through.

3. Doodle Invasion (Volume 1) by Zifflin


Get ready for some crazy coloring. Doodle Invasion by Zifflin is over 100 pages and is filled with full page doodles that will keep you coloring and entertained for a very long time. Although this book does not have an overall theme other than “intricate” in many of the designs you will find yourself coloring animals, objects, tree-houses and often recurring cute “blob-like” characters.

The images in this book are printed on semi thick paper and are one sided which allows you to easily frame your pictures and minimizes bleed through onto other designs even when using markers or gel pens. Experiment with very different and heavy colored markers, the intricate details paired with strong colors will produce a very visually appealing effect.

2. Color Me Crazy by Peter Deligdisch


Doodles, details, and more doodles. This 96 page adult coloring book by Peter Deligdisch features tons of full page doodles and designs that are heavy with very advanced and intricate details. In this book you will find completely random doodles that have no rhyme or reason but are still a joy to color along but you will also find a selection of more “normal” coloring book designs like mandalas while still having tons of detail.

The designs in this book are printed on only one side of the page which helps to reduce bleed through. Although the paper used is good it is not the thickest and will allow some bleed through. We recommend placing a loose leaf piece of paper behind the page you are coloring to soak up any bleed through.

1. Henna Designs Adult Coloring Book by Creatively Calm Studios

Our own Henna Designs adult coloring book which comes as a set with our two other best selling coloring books: Butterflies and Flowers, and Landmarks, features a total of 120 intricate and highly advanced coloring pages. Get ready for hours of entertainment and relaxation while you color through detailed patterns and designs.

Creatively Calm adult coloring books are printed on some of the thickest paper in the industry and our pages are easily removed if you decide to frame and display your colorings. One of the best parts about our coloring books however is that with every purchase we will give a portion of our profits to one of our many charities. So not only do you get to enjoy hours of coloring, but you can also feel good about it.


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