Adult Coloring Books That Will Help You Make It To "Back To School Day"


While kids wake up and go to bed every day dreaming of the last day of school their parents lie awake anxious of that very same day. Summer means constantly having to worry about what your kids are doing, driving them back and forth from friend’s houses, and cooking endless meals so the little monsters don’t go hungry. Every summer night parents go to bed counting down the days until the first day of school, and freedom.

This year we want to help you get through those ghoulish summer days of nannying and we think we have just the tool. Some of the adult coloring books below will help keep you sane by reminding you what lies at the end of the tunnel, while others will help you unwind after a summer day of craziness. These books work together like a team to support you and enable you to get through these most grueling of months.

Back To School Coloring Book by Janet Evans


This coloring book is a very sneaky weapon in your arsenal. The designs in the book are suitable for both adults and children so it is a perfect way to get your kids to slow down for at least a couple of minutes by doing some joint coloring. Not only will this give you a few moments of peace and quiet but it is also a very nice way to spend some quality time with you kid that does not involve multiplayer video games.

This coloring book is printed on medium quality ink which will allows some bleed through when using markers and gel pens. We suggest using colored pencils so that you do not ruin other designs in the book but if you decide to use markers make sure to place a spare sheet of paper in between pages to soak up any bleed through.

Vogue Coloring Book by British Vogue


We all have that dirty little secret, that piece of chocolate at the end of a healthy meal. This coloring book produced by Vogue magazine is that piece of sweet caramel filled chocolate square in coloring book format.

Inside this book you will find 96 heavy weight pages filled with sketches for your coloring entertainment based on iconic images from British Vogue from the 1950s. The designs are printed on both sides of the pages so be aware that you may get some bleed through if coloring with markers. This is the perfect coloring book to enjoy when you have dropped the kids of at practice or a friend’s house and have a few moments to slip into your favorite fancy outfit and color fashion pieces by designers like Christian Dior, Givenchy, and Chanel.

Happy Hour Adult Coloring Book by ZenMaster Coloring Books


We have all been there, that day when you are counting down the minutes until 5 o’clock so you can have a stiff drink. This coloring book is there for those days. While waiting for a respectable time to indulge in an alcoholic beverage or two you can color in this book filled with over 40 pages designs ranging from glasses of wine, to fruity tropic drinks, champagne, and all the little fun things that come with those drinks.

This coloring book is printed on slightly thin paper but the good news is that that the designs are only on one side of the page. This helps because even though you will get bleed through when using just about any marker or gel pen you can easily put a spare piece of paper in between the pages to soak up any bleed through.

Entangled Coloring Book by Creative Heaven


This is the coloring book you need at the end of one of those tough stress filled days of babysitting and cleaning up spilled food. Entangled is comprised of 31 original designs that were created with the help of Zentangle - a method of creating repetitive geometric shapes that helps to promote relaxation. Grab your most accurate coloring tools and dive into these super detailed designs.

This coloring book is printed on heavier stock perforated paper which helps to minimize bleed through and the perforation makes it easy to remove your favorite colorings and display them for all to see. The designs are printed on one side of the page which also helps to reduce the risk of damaging other designs.

Creatively Calm Full Coloring Book Set

This is the big kahoona. The light at the end of the tunnel. Our monster 3 book set which is made of up 9 individual adult coloring books will provide you with 360 designs for you to color when that glorious first day of school arrives and you finally have the days to yourself. The coloring books in this set cover a wide range of topics like Animals, Into The Jungle, Scenery, Landmarks, Under The Sea, and Geometric Shapes plus many more.

All of our coloring books are printed on some of the thickest paper in the industry in order to reduce the risk of bleed through. The designs in each book vary from easy with large with large spaces to more intricate and detailed for deeper relaxation and more entertainment. Best of all with every purchase we donate a portion of our profits to one of our charities so you know that not only will you be getting the benefit of color therapy but you are also helping those in need.

So this year don’t lie away from anxiety and fear of the impending summer months. These coloring book will help keep you sane and relaxed until that first day of school rolls around and gives you your freedom back. Enjoy!

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