6 Adult Coloring Accounts To Follow On Instagram


In our crazy modern and connected world there are now tons of social media networks for you to explore and belong to, but out all of them Instagram has stuck around as the one that is most favorable to high quality niche images.

Because of this there are now hundreds of accounts on the social media platform that display colorings. Below are the 6 Instagram accounts that have been grabbing our attention over the last few months:



Gulsah is a colorist based out of Turkey whose hauntingly beautiful colorings make us spend hours scrolling through her profile. Unlike most colorists Gulsah has an amazing ability at adding color to designs while still keeping colors muted and sort of “grim”. She tends to fill in designs with plenty of color but then adds in black detail work around corners which creates an amazing outcome. We can’t wait to wait see more of Gulsah's colorings.



Cherry Lee is a very gifted artist, but what really grabs our attention about her work is the amazing shading and blending. In many of her colorings you can see very good examples of shading that make her subjects look so realistic that they could just jump out of the pages.

We especially like her colorings depicting human faces which are a fantastic way to showcase those blending skills. We promise that Cherry’s work will make you do a double take while scrolling through your feed…”Was that a photograph or a coloring!?”



Sine is a self-taught Norwegian artist that specializes in mandalas. Although her work is not just coloring specific and many of her subjects are drawn by her and did not come from a coloring book, her feed is still an awesome source of inspiration for your next mandala coloring. Sine’s work is especially good for seeing how different color combinations look and to also get some staging ideas for your next Instagram shot.



ColorvsColour is an awesome Instagram account run by Chris Cheng who is an American and loves to color all sorts of nature inspired designs along with some very neat human profiles. The cool thing about many of Chris’ colorings is that she will record her progress, so unlike most accounts that cover coloring you get to see how the project is progressing instead of just seeing the finished product. Chris also has a YouTube channel where you can see videos of her coloring.



Claire is an awesome colorist who also runs a popular coloring blog and discusses everything from coloring tips, to coloring book reviews, and even gives away free coloring designs. Her Instagram account shows some of her own colorings which are very high quality and also serves as a sort of behind the scenes of the blog. Over her Instagram Claire will also show sneak peeks of her YouTube videos so it is a great way to stay up to date on what this very talented colorist is doing.



Ok so we obviously had to put in a little bit of self promotion in here but we do honestly think that our Instagram account is worth a follow. In our feed you can find hundreds of high quality colorings. We love to feature colorists from all over the world and their creations along with our own designs. Use #creativelycalmstudios and tag us in your colorings and you may get featured in our feed like many other talented colorists have :)

Do you know of other awesome Instagram accounts that you think are a must follow? Post a comment with their handle so we can all check them out!

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