The Horror of Halloween Adult Coloring Books: Part 2


In celebration of the spookiest holiday on the calendar here at Creatively Calm Studios we are going through and unearthing the best, scariest, spine-chilling, adult coloring books that will make your coloring a little more thrilling this Fall. Check out Part 1 of this ghostly adult coloring book selection.

Edgar Allen Poe: An Adult Coloring Book


This adult coloring book by author and illustrator Odessa Begay is an ode to the frightening and a wonderful retelling of some of the best writings of famed fright-master Edgar Allen Poe. Between the covers you will find designs based on stories like The Raven, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Black Hat, and many more. The illustrations in this book are not very detailed but are beautifully drawn and feature some excerpts from the stories that help explain the depicted scene.

The designs in this adult coloring book are printed double sided on semi thick paper. While the paper does a good job of handling pens, if you plan on using markers you may experience some bleed through that will ruin the design on the back of the page. In order to avoid bleed through damage we suggest using only pencils for this book. The designs in general are not very intricate but do feature some areas with increased intricacy. This mixture will make this book a joy to color for both experienced colorists and beginner’s alike. This coloring book has over 90 pages of designs that span 15 different stories from Poe so you will have plenty of coloring to look forward to this Autumn.

Grimms' Nightmares from the Otherworld Adult Coloring Book


This adult coloring book by illustrator Julia Rivers is a riveting journey through the stories of the horror inducing Grimm brothers. The illustrations in this coloring book are beautifully drawn and are at a medium level do difficulty. One of the best parts about this coloring book is that the style of the illustrations are somewhat “comic book” style which gives the stories a new breath of life and makes coloring an absolute joy.

This adult coloring book features 40 terror inducing designs that are printed single sided on classic CreateSpace semi-thin paper. One of the downsides of this coloring book is that the thin paper will allow bleed through especially when using markers. The good news is that the designs are printed single sided but we still suggest using a spare piece of paper to soak up any bleed through and to also reduce the chance of pressure damage from impacting the other designs. Like mentioned earlier these designs are drawn in a slight “comic book” style and with that style come some solid black spots on the designs. While we really enjoyed these designs and thought the black spots gave them a unique twist some colorists may not enjoy them.

Haunted House Adult Coloring Book


This nightmare inducing coloring book by Jade Summer is full of epic designs that will bring the Halloween mood to life. Inside the book you will find 106 pages of single sided designs that feature Halloween classics like skulls and skeletons, demons, ghouls and ghosts, and all manner of other creepy creatures. One of our favorite things about this coloring book was that the designs had a good level of intricacy which will keep you entertained for hours on end without being overwhelming. You will even find a few mandalas that embody the Halloween spirit!

The designs in this adult coloring book are printed single sided and the back of every page is colored fully black to help stop bleed through. Despite this we would still recommend using a spare piece of paper between pages to soak up any severe bleed through. A cool addition that comes with every coloring book is a PDF that has all the designs so you can print out your favorites on any paper and color again.

We hope that you enjoy these coloring books and have spooky and candy filled Halloween!

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