The Horror of Halloween Adult Coloring Books: Part 1


Halloween is almost upon us and with it come pumpkins, skeleton decorations, tons of candy, flannel weather and much, much more. One of my favorite things about this season are all the scary movies that hit the big screen and that seem to be all over cable. There is nothing better than cuddling under a blanket and getting a good scare. With this in mind we decided to find the best scary/horror themed adult coloring books so that you can enjoy the Halloween spirit while enjoying your favorite hobby.

Sinister Nightmares: Horror Adult Coloring Book


Inside this adult coloring book you will find 68 pages of spooky and terrifying designs that will be a joy to color. The designs in this book hit the perfect level of intricacy making them great for novice colorists and more advanced artists alike. The bulk of the designs tend to be concentrated in the center of the page leaving some blank areas around the design before the end of the page. This space is an awesome opportunity to test out your blending skills and create some truly remarkable backgrounds or to use your own illustration skills to add in your own designs.

The single sided printing of this adult coloring book helps to reduce the odds of bleed through ruining one the designs. Since the paper that this book is printed on is a bit on the thin side we do recommend using a spare piece of paper especially when coloring with markers. Some of the designs you will find between the covers of this book include clowns, skulls, giant spiders, and more.

Horrors From The Crypt Coloring Book


This adult coloring book by artist Julia Rivers is a wonderful adventure through the creepy and spooky. The coloring book includes 40 nightmare inducing designs printed single sided on classic CreateSpace semi-thin, bright white paper. The illustrations themselves are a type of what I would call “horror doodles”. The designs feature all the regular horror regulars like skulls, spiders, and creepy monsters with large teeth, but they are assembled in the design in a way that reminds me of doodle adult coloring book. This assembly makes these designs quite intricate and very entertaining for more advanced colorists or those looking for a bit of a challenge.

Something to keep in mind is that this is definitely not the sort of coloring book that I would work on with a younger colorist. While the designs are quite high quality and a lot of fun to color, they could be frightening for a kid. I would recommend using colored pencils or gel pens with this adult coloring book since markers (specifically alcohol based ones) will bleed through and could damage the designs in the following page. If you want to use markers I suggest using a spare piece of paper in between pages to soak up any severe bleed through that may occur.

The Beauty of Horror 2: Ghouliana’s Creepatorium


We saved the best fear inducing coloring book for last. This coloring book by famed horror artist Alan Robert is his follow up creation to his first Halloween favorite adult coloring book with the same title. The designs in this masterpiece are printed double sided on high quality and quite thick card stock that should keep bleed through at bay. If you plan on using markers we suggest testing every brand of marker on one of the less important pages to make sure that it won’t bleed through before coloring with it.

The designs in this coloring book range from complex to more easy to color with larger spaces making it an awesome coloring book for new and advanced colorists alike. The book also comes with a very nice book cover featuring bright red foil which gives it a very nice high end look. Overall, this coloring book will be hugely entertaining to any fan of horror!

We hope that you are enjoying your Halloween preparations and don't forget to come back next week for Part 2 of our Horror Adult Coloring Book series! As always Happy Coloring!

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